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Well, after a few months of neglect, I did a bunch of updates today. However, given that I struggle to find even a few moments a month to update this site, I am officially putting this site into maintenance mode. If you are in anyway interested in taking over this site, drop me a line.

E-mail Clients & their Unofficial Pages

Claris Emailer ($$) - (no longer in development) POP/AOL/Compuserve mail client
MERP Emailer & EmailTools Tips, Tools & Highlights Page
Fog City Software Emailer Utilities
mailing list information
Microsoft Entourage:mac ($$) - (website) - Mail and Personal Information Manager application
Sound Set Central
AppleScript Central
mailing list information
Microsoft Outlook Express (free) - (website) - POP/IMAP/USENET client
MERP The Unofficial Outlook Express Page
Sound Set Central
AppleScript Central
mailing list information
Bare Bones Software Mailsmith ($$) - (website) - POP mail client with powerful search
Mailsmith AppleScript Repository
Mailsmith FAQ - by Jan Erik Moström
mailing list information
Qualcomm Eudora Pro ($$) & Eudora Light (free) - (website) - POP mail client
Andrew Starr's [Unofficial] Eudora Site
mailing list information
America Online (free) - (website) - Proprietary Mail/Content
CE Software QuickMail Lan ($$) and QuickMail Pro ($$) - (website) - client/server software
mailing list information
Netscape Communicator (free) - (website) - integrated browser/POP/IMAP client
mailing list information
Cyrusoft Mulberry ($$) - (website) - high-performance, scalable IMAP client
mailing list information
CTM Development PowerMail ($$) - (website) - POP/IMAP mail client with powerful search
mailing list information
StarNine Mail ($$) - (website) - client/server software
mailing list information
SnapMail($$) - (website) - Intra-office Macintosh Messaging Software
Stalker Software CommuniGate (free) - (website) - client/server software
Esys Corporation Simeon ($$) - (website) - Simeon-client/server
Apple Computer, Cyberdog (free) - (no longer in development)
Cyberdog Stuff
the 'doghouse
Magellan ($$) -(website) - Multilingual Mail Client for Macintosh
Compuserve (free) - (website) - Proprietary Mail/Content now owned by AOL.
Nisus Email ($$) -(website) POP3/SMTP mail client
mailing list information
Shareware ($)
MacSOUP - offline news and mail reader that can optionally interface to Eudora or Emailer
LeeMail - POP mail reader
Mailstrom - e-mail client that keeps your mail folders on a central server
Musashi - supports multi-user, multi-account, multi-user mail box sharing
Combadge - real time email companion
Hogwasher - Mail and News reader.
Freeware (free)
Pegasus Mail - free e-mail client
Maildrop casino en espanol - freeware IMAP client from Baylor University
POPMail - freeware POP mail reader from the University of Minnesota
BlitzMail - a high performance, robust client-server system from Dartmouth College
Green - a full-featured POP client from France. Really nice interface, and free!


Commercial ($)
Email Cleaner does text re-wrapping to any chosen width on badly wrapped lines, adding/removing of quotes, article number removal, space fixing and justification, LF to Mac line correction, optional adding of spaces before lines, recognises any quote character you choose, batch file cleaning, Apple Scriptable and more. Rated 5 cows from TuCows.
SmartWrap analyzes your text, detects paragraphs and lists within your text, and rewraps your text so it wraps naturally within your document or message
Westcode Software EmailTools - enhancement / addition software for Claris Emailer 2.0
Eastgate Web Squirrel - URL & e-mail address manager
  eMerge - e-mail app customizes e-mail for each person on a mailing list
Network Associates PGP - pretty good privacy encryption software
Casady & Greene Spell Catcher - interactive spell checking in any application
Online Army Knife - spellchecker, encryption, text manipulation and more
Working Software Spellswell - is a comprehensive, practical spelling checker
NotifyMail - instant email notification by listening for a finger connection
Shareware ($)
Web Confidential - password organizer for the Internet with strong cryptography
URL Manager Pro - extensive bookmark manager for Netscape & Internet Explorer
Email Checker - checks email at specified intervals - also tracks time online
FormConvert - interprets and formats email generated from HTML forms making them legible
textSOAP - intelligent text filters to clean up text & email retrieved from the net
Sig Email Merge - for creating mailings of individualized eMail messages
Sig Email Effects - creates image art in email using only plain ASCII text
Decoder - A high-performance UU and Base64 decoder for the Macintosh and Power Macintosh
Dot-loa - ("Do Other Things; Log On Actively") is a utility for AOL.
SpamTrap - custom and recurring schedules for Outlook Express.
SmartWrap - utility that rewraps casino spiele kostenlos text in a variety of applications
Freeware (free)
Network Associates PGP Freeware - pretty good privacy encryption software
mailto: Activator 1.0 - fixes the mailto: problem in Navigator 4.0x
Spell Checkers
Spellswell Plus
Casady & Greene's Spell Catcher
Newer Tech's SpellTools

General Resources

Information about E-mail
FAQ on e-mail - by Vicom Technology
Tame Your Email - by Adam C. Engst, MacWorld (June 1998)
Email Attachments: Who Does What - by Adam C. Engst. TibBITS (Feb 2000) A look at how you work with attachment formats in the major Macintosh email clients.
MERP Netiquette
The Heartbreak of MIME Attachments - by Joseph Schorr, Macworld (June 1998)
MERP AppleSingle and AppleDouble - by Rich Siegel, Bare Bones Software
MERP Encoding Quick Reference Table - by Omar Shahine
T&B's Email Clients Comparison page - an exhaustive comparison of many e-mail clients
Information about Internet Mail Standards and Protocols
IMAP Home Page - The University of Washington's compilation of all things IMAP
LDAP - The University of Michigan compilation of all things LDAP
MIME - this web site contains lots of standards-information about MIME
Sendmail machines a sous mobile - this web site is the best starting place for questions about the Sendmail MTA.
Internet Mail Consortium - is an industry trade group for Internet Mail that has been in the lead of promoting interoperability among IMAP clients and servers, and also does other useful things, such as providing references for various technical mail-related topics.
Carnegie Mellon's Project Cyrus site explains a bit about the goals of an enterprise mail system based on standards. This also includes links and information about ACAP.
InterGuru's E-Mail Address Book Conversions. This is a shareware site that can convert a variety of address book formats.
Information about Mailing Lists for E-mail clients
mailing list information
Information about E-mail headers
MERP X-Face - find out how to but a bit map picture in your e-mails
Information about AppleScript - scripting for the rest of us!
MERP Basic Information - general questions & answers
MERP Resources on the Web - great free resources spelautomater
MERP Books - books that you can order and read
MERP Script Editors - Scripting Enviroments that are more powerful than Apple's Script Editor


MacAssistant - (website)
Customizing EmailTools - by Mark Brooks EmailTools project lead
URL Manager Pro - by Steve Mack, creator of the MacAssistant Site
Tutorials hosted on the MERP
MERP Button Tips for EmailTools
MERP Setting up Internet Config
MERP Using Claris Emailer with Compuserve - by Joseph Linaschke
Beginners' Tutorials for Outlook Express 5.0 - Jeff Overton natcasino
Installing Outlook Express 5.0 - Deborah Shadovitz
Using Location Manager with Outlook Express 5.0 -Matt Ridley
Export/Import OE Mac and Entourage to Outlook on Windows updated 04.04.01

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