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Learn how to convert mail from another application into Claris Emailer. Find the answers to updating, and general troubleshooting tips. Tutorials on using scripts, setting Internet Config , mail actions and EmailTools to get you started.
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• Configure your Emailer toolbar the way you want to: large or small buttons, different button styles, a vertical or horizontal orientation, multiple rows or columns, and a custom layout with only the buttons you use.

• Format Text Quickly and Easily without using a Text Processor.

• Extract All of the Internet Addresses from a message and visit them at your leisure.

• Mark items read, spell check, and toggle schedules on and off without going to the menubar.


EmailTools Button Tips

Process Text | Insert Text | File

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Version Info and Features

Address Book
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Crashes/Corruption/Install Woes
Internet Config
Mail Actions
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AppleScript | Configure Emailer to use CompuServ | Internet Config

Partially Retrieve Messages | Mail Actions

Still can't find the answer...

  • The manual!!! Perhaps the most overlooked place for information.
  • The FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). These files are in the Support Files folder which was installed when you installed Claris Emailer.
  • The Fog City Software web page has useful tools and utilities:
  • There is a terrific search-able archive of emailer-talk:
  • A list of some of the most common questions encountered on the Emailer-Talk mailing list webmaster is available at:

How to subscribe to emailer-talk

To receive messages from the list in digest format, send mail to with: subscribe in the message' SUBJECT.

To receive individual messages from the list, send mail to with: subscribe in the message ' SUBJECT.

How to subscribe to EmailTools-Talk

To receive individual messages from the list, send mail to In body of message:subscribe EmailTools-Talk

To receive messages from the list in digest format, send mail to In body of message: subscribe digest EmailTools-Talk

Any comments,requests or suggestions about the web page are welcomed, but please direct questions about Emailer and EmailTools to the lists. Please let me know if you find links that are no longer active so I can remove them. Thanks!

Diane Ross

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