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Emailer's life at an end?

Regarding continuing questions about the fate of Claris Emailer (now owned by Apple), here's a quote from Apple Computer Developer Programs to Sebastiano Castiglioni: "Emailer has been taken off the Apple Price list - it has been 'end of life'd.'" November 20, 2020 MacFixIt

When will Emailer break?

"Actually, I see no reason why Emailer will break under OSX"....jud

BTW, Jud is the original developer of Emailer. Plus early reports show it still works under OSX.

MacOS9 Compatible???

Yes! No reports of any problems.

AOL Attachment problem has been addressed by AOL. All users should be able to download attachments with no problems.

Y2K date problem.... 1944

The problem with 1944 dates on incoming mail is mainly limited to AOL users. Emailer should work "out-of-the-box" with AOL now.

Sources to purchase Emailer

Very few sources for Emailer exists now. All previous sources listed have now dried up.

Check with eBay for copies of Emailer.

Also on eBay, look for AppleShare IP 5.0. It contains CE 2.0! Prices are $39.99.

"Sharing" Emailer

This questions comes up periodically on emailer-talk...

[Q] I also wonder, at what point does this list consider it appropriate to start sharing this software since Apple isn't supporting it anymore and has no plans to. What are the legal & otherwise ramifications for Emailer to become sort of a populist Freeware?

[A] At no point. It is illegal, regardless of the circumstances. They own it, and they can let it die if they choose. They could also prosecute you for "sharing" it (i.e., software piracy) if they choose.

There is no such thing as "in the public domain by default." Even Freeware (i.e., software officially distributed as free) is not "in the public domain," since the rights are still held by the author/publisher. Read your licensing agreements (both for commercial and freeware).

Will Emailer be revived???

Apple has announced and publicly demonstrated a new (old) mail client for OSX. It is the current MailViewer app for NextStep that has been improved.

AppleWorks 6.0 Uncovered and Exposed!

Quoted from article: One of the most popular rumors touted elsewhere on
the Web was that AppleWorks 6.0 would mark the return of the much-loved
Claris Emailer application. However, this rumor has proven false.

Version 1 date problem fix:

Solution 1: The CE1.1Y99 bug fix, is available. More functions: Fix Dates v3 can fix a whole folder, the user can set the date format, a help system, some bugs fixed. It has been beta-tested for a month by 20 users. This script is courtesy of Emmanuel.

Download Fix Dates v3 here

Solution 2: Using eMessageKeeper to archive will also fix the dates when archived. eMessageKeeper completely fixes the dates of these messages as it archives them. The fixed dates are in the database, however, not the original Emailer 1 files. EMK will also remove those fake headers from the top of the message body and put them into proper database fields, so you can sort and search by date.

Solution 3: Apple and others have suggested unchecking the option in Preferences: "Use sender's date/time for received mail". This does not fix the dates in the mini-headers at the top of each message body, but it will show the Received date in the message listings. Sorting on the Received date isn't perfect, but it is better than sorting on Sent dates that say 1919.

If you want to see the correct Sent date/time you can view the "long headers" and not the "Date:" field. Very inconvenient.

Maximum Database limits

There are physical limits but they are in the 2-3 gigabyte range. I wouldn't deem it practical to try and keep a database of >300MB. You are just asking for trouble at that point.... jud

What killed Emailer???

This thread explains about what happened when Claris disbanded the Emailer team. The answers are given by Jud Spencer who was a developer for Emailer.

[Eric] I bet the terms of the agreement with MS 2 years ago called for OE and IE bundling with every new machine as the default internet apps if MS wouldupdate them and make them good (which they did). And this left Emailer hanging out to dry, since Apple owned it and couldn't make a product to compete with OE (even though it's still better than OE, IMHO)

[Jud's Reply] This has been the subject of much speculation and much refutement on my part. Claris was in the process of killing Emailer long before it was officially end-of-lifed at Apple and long before Apple and Microsoft's deal.

The Emailer development team was disbanded before the Apple/Microsoft deal.

If Apple weren't allowed to compete with OE, why would they be developing a new mail app for OSX?

[Eric] But that's just my take on the whole deal. Nobody but Jobs and Gates know the truth... :)

[Jud] Also not true, the entire agreement (except for one dollar amount) was made public during the pending MS vs. DOJ trial. I don't have the URL for the exhibit but it is on the DOJ website.

New Scripts

See Scripts sections for the all scripts.

"Reply to Digest" Scripts

Download scripts "Reply to Digest," one for replying to the author, one for to the list here.

ungarble it! fix - editing incoming messges

Allen Watson <> wrote "Replace with Clipboard". It allows UnGarble It! to edit incoming messages in Claris Emailer. It is possible to edit a selection of the message or the entire contents. To use this script you must copy to the clipboard either the selection or the entire contents of the incoming message you want to edit:

There is no need to export the text outside Emailer to edit it and if you change your mind Emailer lets you save or not save the changes.

Download the script from

PageNOW Forward mail with Claris Emailer 2.x Script

SOLUTION: Forward mail with Claris Emailer 2.x <>

Thanks go to Jim Geldermann at, Corp. for providing us with a handy AppleScript that can be used with PageNOW! to forward unread messages to your pager or digital phone.

Full instructions are included with the script, which can be found at the URL above, and will be included with future versions of PageNOW!

Script to Delete

Allen Watson's script to delete an address from a group without deleting them from the Address Book. Download here.

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