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New Features in v3 to Address Book

"Show hidden contacts"

Probably the biggest change in 2.0v3 is the new Address Book which allows Contacts and Groups to be linked. This means that if someone is in your address book and you changed his address, the new address would also be updated in any groups to which he belonged. This requires that every person who is in a group also belong to the main address book. This was a change from previous versions, and one that create problems for people who have large mailing lists or a list of known spammers.

Thus the concept of hidden contacts. A contact that was hidden could belong to a group, but it would not show up in the main address book by default. "Show hidden contacts" button will let you see all of your contacts in the address book. When hidden contacts are shown, they are displayed in italic text to distinguish them from normal contacts (as seen in the figure below). Users can manually show or hide contacts by clicking a check box in the Contact Entry window.

Address Book with Hidden Contacts shown

When addressing a message, you can type the first few letters of someone's name, and Emailer will complete the name for you . However, if a user has two Roberts in their address book, and they hardly ever send to the first Robert, you can hide the first Robert so that the second one will come up after you type "Ro".

Contact Entry Window

Adding an Address to Group List

[Q] Can I add someone to a group list by dragging a message from them to the list?

[A] You can drag the address to an open Group window, or from the Address Book to an open Group window.

Addresses/Setting Delete Preference

[Q] I had one group with 232 addresses in it that was very outdated. So I deleted the group. I was rather surprised that Emailer didn't give me a "Do you really want to delete a group with 232 addresses?" kind of warning; it just merrily deleted the entire group. Which was fine, but what happened to the warning?

[A] That is because you have "confirm deletions" turned off in your preferences.

Duplicate Address Books

[Q] I was wandering through my Claris Emailer File, and what do I find but 2 Address Books, one of which is labeled (old)......could this have come about from a Database Rebuild? Is this common? Do I trash the old Address Book? That is my habit with the old mail Database, and old mail index, created after I rebuild my database in Emailer? Is this old Address Book left over from v.2.02?

[A] It is the old 2.0v2 Address Book. If you ever have or want to go back to v2, you still have an address book that is readable by that version. v2 can't read the v3 address book.

Partial Address Export?

[Q] Is there any way I can export part of an address book? Specifically, on one machine I've got a couple of (large) groups that I'd like to move to another machine. I don't want to move the whole dratted address book, though. Is it possible to do a partial move?

[A] Yes, in 2.0v3. Select those items you wish to export (including groups if you wish). The export dialog has a "selected addresses only" check box. One thing, though, in the export popup, you have to choose "LDIF - Include Groups"; the other two options exclude groups. Also, you have to have v3 in order to import groups.

[A] If you select the groups you want in the Address Book window and drag them to the desktop, this'll create a clipping file for each group. Transfer the clipping files to the other machine and drag them to Emailer's Address Book window on that machine. The groups will be recreated l; you'll just have to reenter the name and description for each group.

Select Specific Address

[Q] Does anybody know how to select a specific E-Mail address in a address-book entry of one person (with multiple entries) by entering just the name in the "to" line? I know that it works perfectly to choose a specific address by opening the address book, clicking on the arrow in front of the person's name, choosing the right address and dragging it to the E-Mail message, but that's quite annoying...

[A] In 2.0v3, press command up-arrow or command down-arrow to cycle through the individual addresses for the contact once the Address field displays an address.

Sorting Names in Address Book

[Q] The entries of my Address Book (Claris Email 2.v2) doesn't get sorted alphabetically. I follow the instructions on the Help menu, but no use. Is this bug or I am missing something ?

[A] A way to get the entries to sort is to leave the line "First name:" empty and put the whole name on the line "Last name:".

When sorting the entries in a group, open the group and do a sort of the content. Then add a new member with any name like "John" but NO ADDRESS and save the group. The added name will not be saved as it has no address but the other names will be saved sorted.

[A] Click on the header of the Name column; the names will be sorted alphabetically, with the groups separated from the contacts.

"Add sender to group in address book" with a Mail Action

[Q] How does this work with the "Add sender to group in address book" Mail Action item? I have automated mail actions that add people to a group when they fill out a web form, and I then use that group to send out announcements about the web site. Are they now going to get added to my address book proper each time, or will I have an option in the Mail Action configuration to tell it to be "hidden"?

[A] Any time you add a new address to a group, the address is automatically hidden in the address book. There is a check box in the address book to show hidden contacts; each contact has a check box to hide or show the contact; if you add the contact to the address book, it is not hidden, but if you add it to a group, it is hidden. You can also mark contacts as hidden or not hidden with the contextual menu or by supplied AppleScripts.

Adding a Group

[Q] Right now I have about 50 addresses I want to import into a group, but I don't want them in the address book. Do I have to enter each in individually, and check the box?

[A] Actually, when you enter them in a group, they are made hidden by default. If I just drag your email address into an open group window, you will be made hidden by default. However, if I drag you into the address book first and then into the group (as text of from the address book), you won't be made hidden. It was well thought out by everyone involved, and I think you'll find it does what you want it to 99% of the time.

Add a member to an existing group- Tip


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