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Why Archive Messages???

[Q] I keep seeing all the talk about FileMaker Pro and Emailer and now Emailer Archive. Can anyone give me the lowdown on the basic principles involved here?

[A] If you're using 1.1v3, which saves messages as text files, this is less of an issue for you, and in fact, if you plan to stick with 1.1v3, you might want to investigate Aron Nelson's Digester, which concatenates the individual message files into larger text files (by Emailer folder) and lets you view and search them using EasyView.

Archiving is a somewhat more important issue with 2.0, where files are stored in a database. In either case, though, archiving provides a means of getting rid of messages that you no longer need to have direct access to in Emailer but that you'd like to retain for future reference. Archiving to FMPro gives you access to FMPro's searching and sorting capabilities, reduces the amount of disk space required to store the messages (more so in 1.1v3, less so in 2.0), provides a means of backing up important messages, and facilitates transporting messages from one location to another (say, from an office computer to a home computer, or from a laptop to a desktop machine).

Dan and David's Emailer archive is a set of scripts and a FileMaker Pro "template" database for moving messages back and forth between Emailer and FMPro. (There's also a standalone version for folks who don't have FMPro.) As it states in the ReadMe file:

This package allows you to archive email messages from Claris Emailer 2.0 to a Claris FileMaker Pro 3.0 (or later) database and back. This is useful if you have messages (or even entire folders) that you no longer need to access in Emailer, but you want to keep these messages in case you need to reference them in the future. As an example you can archive messages from projects that have been completed.

[Q] If Emailer stores it's files in a database of it's own, this just refers to saving disk space, right? Otherwise why use FileMaker to store Emailer letters?.

[A] Here's some of the reasons I do it:


Using Emailer Archive to Store Messages in FMPro

Download this if you do have FileMaker (322k)

Emailer Archive 3.0 (free)

Download this if you don't have FileMaker (stand alone) (2.2MB)

Emailer StandAlone Archive (free)


Emailer Archive allows you to save old messages that you no longer need but want to keep in case you need them later. For example, you could archive all messages that relate to a specific project that has been completed. You can also save current messages to perform complex searches and sorts on them.

There are two versions of the installer. The normal version requires a copy of Claris FileMaker Pro 3.0 or later, while the stand alone version will work by itself. Both versions require Claris Emailer 2.0 and AppleScript. Written by Dan Crevier and David Cortright.


[Q] Using Dan Crevier's Emailer archive into FM Pro, is there a way to preserve long header info into the database? All I see imported are the basics (to, from, cc, date, time).

[A] You could modify the scripts and the database to add the field. It wouldn't be too hard, but I don't think I'll do it for the official release.

[Q] I noticed upon importing a second batch of email that it doesn't automatically sort by date. Is there a way to do this that I've missed out on??

[A] Click on the date header to sort by date...

Emailer Archive List View


Emailer Archive Message View


Using HyperCard to Archive

HyperCard Email Archive stack, with automated multi-folder archiving in the background, and many features for searching, sorting, browsing. (free)

Latest release May, 1998 will be named "eMessage Keeper 2.3", or eMK for short.

It's not just for email any more! It's for eMessages. Importing _NewsWatcher_ downloaded newsgroup postings will also be supported. You can import both kinds into the same stack, thus integrating all your electronic correspondence on the same subject into single database files. Currently it simply imports all NW files from a specified folder into the stack.

Each archive stack lets you set up an "automatic" archiving operation by specifying which Emailer Folders you want imported into that stack, and how old the messages in each folder much be before being archived. From then on you just push the Archive button and let the stack get all the messages in the background. Since Emailer doesn't run the script, you can use Emailer as usual while the stack works in the background.

eMessage Keeper 2.3


eMessage Keeper List View


eMessage Keeper Message View


Can I use Claris Works to Archive?

[Q] I'm trying to use CW instead of the other office suite I deinstalled, and I'm also trying to use the CW database instead of FileMaker Pro (which I own), is there a similar template for CW to use with Emailer?

[A] Nope... CW has a low maximum length per field (1k, 2k? I forget) that won't let you put a message body in there.

Merging Mail Databases

[Q] I have three different Macs running Emailer. How can I merge the three mail databases into one so that I can search all of the emails?

[A] Export all the messages to the same FileMaker database using Dan Crevier's and David Cortright's Emailer Archive package. A standalone version is available if you don't have FileMaker Pro 3 or later.

[A] I set the preferences so, that the messages are left on the server. So I read the new messages with all of them, but download it only with one, the one, I use as a database.


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