Corruption/Crashes/Install Woes

Install Woes

It's almost always easier to recover data from a backup than to try to recover data from severely corrupted file. Also, don't let minor corruption go unfixed; do a rebuild as soon as you find corruption.

First sign of corruption is "This message has been permanently deleted" in any folder other than the Logs Folder.

The Logs folder and the "Auto-File Log" are different, and it is in the list window of the latter where that message is OK. The Logs folder is used mostly to store "Connection Log" messages from the "Emailer error reporter". Depending on your Preferences settings, the Auto-File Log may be in the Logs folder or in the In Box.

If you have corruption, go directly to the Most Asked Question section and read Rebuild Directions.

Orphaned Folders

[Q] I have lost most of what was in my Emailer folders. Something terrible has happened. I now have three 'Orphaned Folders' (what are they?) where I used to have six or so different folders.

[A] There's kind of a desperation move you can try: Quit Emailer, remove the "Mail Index" file from the Mail folder (but don't throw it away, because this may not work), and make a copy of the "Mail Database" file and keep it someplace safe with the Index.

Now you'll have just the "Mail Database file left in your Mail folder. Relaunch Emailer, and it should insist on doing an advanced rebuild. Let it, and see what happens. If I had to bet, I'd bet it won't restore matters to their pre-calamitous state. But it couldn't hurt to try.

Crashes Unpacking Messages

[Q] My Emailer crashes almost every time it unpacks messages. I'm forced to do a hard restart and relaunch Emailer for unpacking to continue (and most likely crash again). I've reinstalled the entire package with no luck.

[A] I finally traced my problem to a mail action which added a name to a mailing list. I disabled the action, have not used the mailing list action since, and have never had a problem.

Error Messages

[Q] I'm getting some weird error messages.

Message 1: Couldn't complete the last command because the filename was bad.

Message 2: Could not successfully startup or quit because the filename was bad.

They both appear after unpacking but at different times. I haven't figured out exactly what conditions generate each error. I get about thirty of the error all in a row. Unpacking seems to take an inordinate amount of time.

I tried deleting mail actions and the preferences, upgraded to 2.0v2 and rebuilt the mailbox to no avail. It seems that this started happening after I upgraded to MacOS 8. But I can't be completely positive. Has anyone else experienced this?

[A] It sounds like you have a corrupted incoming mail message or attachment. Take a look in the folder "Claris Emailer: Claris Emailer Files: Temp Incoming". It should normally be empty if all mail has been successfully unpacked. If there is anything in there, move it out to a temporary folder elsewhere and restart Emailer. It will probably now start without any errors.

When you restart Emailer, or when a mail download is completed Emailer looks in this folder to unpack items. I understand that it takes the items in order (alphabetically I think, but it could be in date order) and unpacks them. Often if there is a bad file this process is interrupted and never completes. Take the first of any files you found and move it back to the Temp Incoming folder and restart Emailer. If the file is OK it should be unpacked into the database. If you get the error message back the file is bad and should be thrown out (you may be able to extract any useful text with BBEdit or something similar). Keep trying all the files you found until the culprit(s) are found.

[Q] Emailer has suddenly become quirky, too, refusing to send mail at times and returning strange error messages at others. What do they mean?

** 550 address... we do not relay

** SMTP server error "503 Need RCPT (recipient)"

[A] These messages typically occur when the ISP introduces anti-spam relay-blocking measures. The SMTP server rejects outgoing mail because it now wants the Email Address, not the POP Account name, as validation. The Emailer Custom Settings file, available from the Fog City web site, might do the trick.

Quits While Unpacking Mail

[Q] Today it just quit while unpacking mail giving me an error type 1. I have reinstalled the application, tried the 2.0 version, tried reinstalling the updater, rebuilt the database (both ways), rebuilt the desktop, reinstalled disk drivers. AND still I am getting error type 1. The application launches and when the browser comes up, about two seconds later it quits.

[A] Try this: In your Claris Emailer Files folder, there's a folder called Temp Incoming. Open that folder and move any files in there to some other location (if there are no files in there, then this solution won't work). Then try launching Emailer; if Emailer launches okay, then one of those files was corrupt. Try putting them back in one at a time (or using the logical deductive method of your choice), quitting & relaunching Emailer until you've isolated the one that causes the crash. You can either trash this file or try to extract its contents (or the name/address of the sender) using BBEdit or something similar.

[Q] Emailer has frozen after incoming mail goes to the temp incoming folder. I end up having to restart and delete the folder.

[A] There is one absolute known bugaboo, multi-part MIME files from AOL. When you get that freeze, go to the Temp Incoming folder, set it to display in List format Date Modified order and put it in reverse order (newest file first) then take the first (lowest) file of the latest time (that is if there are 6 files at 12:03 take the one lowest on the list. Pull it out onto the desktop and then try to relaunch Emailer. If that isn't it try the next, but most likely you will find it. I keep an alias to Temp Incoming and BBEdit on the desktop and then I can get at them fast and BBEdit will open these files.

Problems Updating Help File

[Q] When I updated my copy of Emailer to 2.0v3 a message came up advising me that "the Help file cannot be updated on this machine".

[A] Remove the existing help file from the Claris folder, and do a custom install of just the help file. If that doesn't work, re-install a virgin v1 or v2 help file, and then update it. One of the things that slipped past us in testing the installer is that if someone modifies the help file (by writing a memo, for instance), the installer won't update it.

Quitting Emailer Takes Forever

[Q] Every time I quit Emailer it takes forever! What's up with that?

[A] The quitting problem isn't related to Emailer's new sorting capabilities or to your rebuilding the database. It's caused by the new Shutdown Script that was included with the 2.0v2 package. To return to "rapid quitting," simply remove the script from Emailer's AppleScripts folder.

Have to Force-Quit Emailer

[Q] I've just downloaded the Emailer v.3 updated and installed it. However after doing the installation I find I can't quit Emailer. The only way I can leave the program is by force-quitting.

[A] Check Emailer's AppleScript folder and remove the Shutdown Script. I thought that the v3 updater didn't install it, but you describe the symptoms that indicate that it is there.

Install Woes

Corrupt Disk

[Q] I'm trying to reinstall Emailer. Disk 1 is corrupt. What do I do?

[A] That happened to my copy as well. It seems the *files* are not corrupt, only something wrong with the installer running from the floppy.

Here is how to fix it:

Copy Disks 1-3 over to a zip drive (or your hard drive). Make sure all the files from all three disks are in the same folder.

Run install using the install program in the newly copied folder. All should work fine now.

Delete ObjectSupportLib for Mac OS 8.0 and Higher

Version 2 install ObjectSupportLib. Mac OS 8.0 and higher has the ObjectSupportLib function built in. So the ObjectSupportLib file should be removed from your Extensions folder to prevent crashes.

Replacement Disks

[Q] Does anyone know if it's possible to get replacement installer disks? I'm a registered owner, but when trying to install CE with my installer disks on my new G3, I get a message saying that installation can't be completed due to an error.

[A] This happened to me as well. What you need to do is copy the Emailer disks over to a folder on your hard drive. They will install properly from the folder on your hard drive (or zip disk--that's what I used).

Error Prevented the Update from Completing

[Q] I've tried repeatedly to update my version of 2.0 to v2. Despite having downloaded the updater multiple times, every time I run the updater I receive the following error message:

"An error prevented the update from completing. Resource has been modified. code 0"

[A] I found that if I did a clean install of Emailer 2.0 and then ran the updater it worked fine. Chances are, somewhere down the line a program (or you) modified emailer. This can be done by running an application like Spring Cleaning which can trim (FAT PPC and 68K) to either just PPC or 68K. For me that was the problem.

[A] Remove the Claris Emailer Help file from the System Folder: Claris folder, then reinstall a clean version of 2.0. Move your copy of the Emailer app out of its folder, then move the clean version to that folder. Update the clean version: the appropriate items in this folder should update.

[A] I had this problem when updating to v2 and solved it by reinstalling the "Fat" version.

How can I be sure I've got the right help file?

[Q] When I updated I got the already reported error message, but then the installer asked me to find the new file, and it "continued". My application says 2.0v3, and it works great. I checked the Help application, and it seems to work, too, even though I can't find the "Emailer Help" file anywhere in the Emailer folder. How can I be sure I've got the right help file, or do I need to download it from the Claris (FileMaker) site?

[A] Check Help to see if "redirect" is there; if it is, then you have the v3 help file.

Can't locate "Claris Emailer Files" Folder on Updating

[Q] When I ran the 2.0v3 updater, it did not locate the folder, "Claris Emailer Files" and did not update or install new files in it.

[A] Before installing the updater, you should move all files back to the "Claris Emailer Folder."

"Invalid File Selected for Updating"

[Q] When converting from 2.2 to 2.3, I get several messages saying, "Invalid File Selected for Updating. When done it says all is OK, but it did not upgrade.

[A] You need to run the updater on a non-modified application and help file. Adding a bookmark to the help file, for example, will render it modified. The best course of action is to re-install 2.0 (remove the Claris Emailer Help file from System: Claris) and run the updater again.

Lost Serial Number

[Q] I lost my serial number. Help.

[A] You do not need to put the serial number there; the application asks strictly for convenience so if you have to call for tech support and they ask for your serial number, you can get it from the About box.

If you do not enter the serial number, the software will still work just fine.

Delete Dialog Box Missing in Version 3

[Q] When I delete messages now (as opposed to the delete/next keystroke) I don't get a dialog box asking me if I'm sure, even though I have this checked in the preferences.

[A] A warning is no longer given when deleting messages, since it is not permanent (they are just put in the deleted mail folder). You now only get them for more permanent actions.

[A] The confirmation when deleting messages (i.e., moving them to the deleted-mail folder) was removed; many people requested that it be removed); also, deleting a contact from an outgoing message no longer invokes the confirmation dialog. All other deletions (including deleting from the deleted-mail folder) get the dialog. This is, of course, assuming that the confirm deletions preference is turned on.

[A] In v3, deleting a message (except from the deleted mail folder) and deleting an address from an outgoing message ignore the confirm setting.

In all other cases, you can override the confirm setting by holding down the option key when pressing the delete key, clicking on the delete icon, or choosing delete from the Edit menu.

Plug-ins Missing

[Q] I cannot find 2 files mentioned in the 2.0v3 Important Info document:

1) OT/PPP Plug-In. 2) Emailer Contextual Plugin.

[A] The OT/PPP Plug-in is built in to the app. The Finder Contextual Menu Plug-in was released after the breakup and has not been posted to the web.

[A] The CMM never got posted, but it was released as a beta copy. This copy is available.

Download Emailer Contextual plugin here

See Where is Emailer's CMM? for more details and other alternatives.

Desperation Move to Save Database-Tip

Here's kind of a desperation move you can try: Quit Emailer, remove the "Mail Index" file from the Mail folder (but don't throw it away, because this may not work), and make a copy of the "Mail Database" file and keep it someplace safe with the Index.

Now you'll have just the "Mail Database file left in your Mail folder. Relaunch Emailer, and it should insist on doing an advanced rebuild. Let it, and see what happens. If I had to bet, I'd bet it won't restore matters to their pre-calamitous state. But it couldn't hurt to try.

Corruption Woes: Is it too late???

[Q] The problem is my Emailer database is so corrupted that the only way to display my messages is to do a Find on " ". That brings all my messages into the Find window. And none of the AppleScript utilities I've tried will archive out of the Find window.

[A] The Find window is not scriptable (unfortunately). I would try a two pass archive. First, do all of the messages in all of your folders, making sure to delete them after archiving. Then do the Find on " ", move those messages into a new folder, and hopefully they will show up in the Browser so you can archive them as well.

[Reply] Thanks for your suggestion, but my Emailer database is too corrupt to allow me to move stuff into folders. Most of my folders show empty or full of old deleted messages. The only way to get at most of my messages is to Find, and then I can't do anything with them. (By the way, yes I have rebuilt it many times, even deleted the Mail Index file.)

[A] Here's something you could do:

repeat with messageID from 0 to 99999


set theMessage to the message whose id is messageID

<archive code goes here>

on error

end try

end repeat

You might have to mess with the syntax a bit; I haven't tested this. In theory, this should access every message in your database. I'd do this overnight if I were you.

One more thing, try opening the folder in it's own window, rather than the Browser (i.e. double-click the folder). In cases of extreme corruption, these views are not always the same.

[A] When you did the advanced rebuild, did you do it on the old database and index that were saved by the typical rebuild or on the database and index created by the typical rebuild?

First try the advanced rebuild on the database and index as they existed before a typical rebuild that did not work. If that advanced rebuild didn't work, then I would try an advanced rebuild on the results of a typical rebuild.

My reasoning for doing an advanced rebuild on the original database is that a typical rebuild uses the index to rebuild the database while the advanced rebuild uses information in the database itself in constructing a new database. If there was something drastically wrong with the index so that messages/folders got lost during the typical rebuild, then I would expect the lost messages/folders to be gone from the database after the "failed" typical rebuild and not available for an advanced rebuild to work on.

Fix for freezes, flickering & forced restarts

Install Mercutio patch

Some of the problems people are having that seem to be related to Emailer or EmailTools might be the bug in OS 8 with the Mercutio MDEF module. The fix is to install one of the patches. You can find information about this on; just search for "mercutio".

You can read Apple's tech note about it here This is an acknowledgement by Apple and a fix is forthcoming.

For all the info and downloading info see:"

The problem is that, at apparently random moments, your Mac just freezes up. For me it came most often when I was about to click on a menu in the menu bar, or on a pull-down button in EmailTools. The problem, apparently, is a routine, buried in the system and used by many different applications--notably some that use pull-down menus--that was unlocking a resource without relocking it. The buggy code would run and nothing untoward would happen; the problem arose when <next> someone tried to use a pulldown menu. There are several patches and options for fixing this, and Apple is supposed to be working on an extension or init that will avert the problem, but it hasn't been released as yet so far as I know. The available patches are from users and are use-at-your-own-risk sorts of things. The one I am using is MercutioGNDPatch, which seems to be working great! No crashes since I installed it.


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