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Check out the EmailTools Toolbar

Customizing the EmailTools Palette

Working With the Library

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Subscribe with EmailTools button:

If you have the EmailTools installed, then to subscribe all you need to do is select the button "Westcode Contacts" and it will automatically address you email and put the correct info in the body. There is a Claris button with choices for subscribing to Emailer-talk.


Latest version of EmailTools??

[Q] Where can I get the latest version of Email Tools?

[A] EmailTools is commercial. You can buy it from Westcode:

EmailTools with Version 1.x of Emailer ???

[Q] Can I use EmailTools with v.1.x of Emailer?

[A] No. EmailTools requires Claris Emailer 2.0 or higher.

Is Emailer 2.0v3 necessary?

[Q] Will the final version of ET require 2.0v3?

[A] It won't require it, but there will be more features available if you are using 2.0v3...

Claris Emailer 2.0v3 has added some new features, and EmailTools will take full advantage of these. One new feature is a scriptable Address Book. This means that we can:

Another new feature in 2.0v3 is Redirect. EmailTools will have a button to handle this one, too.

With Emailer 2.0v3, the Forward Button and the Redirect Button will work with Groups from your Address Book, making it easy to Redirect or Forward a message to any member of that group.

To take advantage of all the features of Redirect and Forward, you'll need 2.0v3.


Do I need AppleScript to use EmailTools?

[Q] Do I need AppleScript to use EmailTools?

[A] While AppleScript isn't necessary to use most of the buttons on EmailTools, many of the buttons have more features if you have AppleScript installed. For example, the Reply button can save your Replies in the same folder as the message you're replying to, if you have AppleScript. A few of the buttons (notably "Send All Unsent Mail") require AppleScript to function at all.


Hide Emailer Toolbar

[Q] Is there a way to permanently hide the Emailer toolbar? It's redundant with Emailer Tools and I can't find the answer anywhere.



If you quit with the built-in toolbar not visible, it should not be visible the next time you start Emailer.

Now, if you've already tried this and it didn't work, then it might be necessary to delete Emailer's preferences file, although I wouldn't think that should be needed.

Change EmailTools Palette from Horizontal to Vertical

[Q] I know this must be simple, but I just installed Email Tools and cannot figure how to make the pallet vertical. I see options in other One Click pallets such as task bar and launcher but not in Emailer. How's it done?

[A] Use the grow box in the lower right corner of the ET palette to resize the palette...drag it and the buttons will arrange themselves vertically/horizontally. This can make your dividers seem weird, so be prepared to rearrange those...

Rearrange Buttons

[Q] Anyway to change the location of the buttons?

[A] You can rearrange the buttons by command-dragging them...

kaleidoscope conflict

[Q] I just loaded Kaleidoscope 2.0 and find that with most schemes, the windows either jump around constantly or knock me into the Finder as ET tries to resize the window to fit. Is there anyway to temporarily disable the window resize feature or even change its interaction with K2?

[A] If you uncheck "Dock To Screen Corner", that will solve the problem for now. I'll code around this K2 bug in the final...(Mark Brooks)

Digest Replies Button Problems

[Q] Anybody having trouble with the Digest Reply button? The instructions say to select the mini-header and the portion of the message you want to quote then select the button. However, every time I do this in any digest I happen to be in the entire digest is quoted. The correct subject and author is attributed but no matter what I do the entire digest is quoted. Am I missing something?

[A] The next version should fix this problem. If you have the full version of OneClick, you can put in a fix yourself. At the end of the script are these lines:

Type Tab

Type Command Tab

Type esr_from

Type Return

Type Return

Clipboard = ListItems esr_paraList, lineNo + 1, - 1

Type Command "'"

After the line "Type Command Tab", insert this line...

Type Command "a"

...and that should do it.

Check out these Buttons!

Making Multiple File Buttons Hot Tip

[Q] The "File Message" button does not have a "list" of folders in the same manner as the toolbar but rather opens a separate window. Can this be changed or does the final version have more similarity to the "real" toolbar?

[A] I think there is a pull down menu on File that you may be overlooking...does one come up if you "click and hold" the button?

If so, from that, you can add folders one by one, add all of the "marked" folders, or add all of the folders...the drawback of this method is that the list does not automatically update when you create new folders. Set it to all folders to mimic the Emailer toolbar.

This really lets me work with sets of folders in a way that can't be dreamed of in Emailer alone. In Emailer there is one set "Marked" and it is not easily configurable. And, if I have OneClick, I can give each File button a custom icon and key combination.

See EmailTools Button Tips for How to use the File Button

Digest Replies

Get tired of cut, copy paste with digest replies. Use the button "Digest Reply" found in the EmailTools Button Library: Message Tools.

Process Text Button

Format Text Quickly and Easily without using a Text Processor. Process Text is found in the Button Library: Message Tools.

See EmailTools Button Tips for How to use Process Text Button

Insert Text Button

Use this button to insert frequent text fragments into messages. Do you have a URL you give constantly to friends, or a "how-to"? Sore the text in the Insert Text Button and insert with a click.

See EmailTools Button Tips for How to use Insert Text Button

How to backup Insert Text button:

Use the Export option that will create a folder (name of your choice) on your desktop, and then creates two text files: one for the items themselves, one for the names of the items. You can then put the folder anywhere, and use the Import option, which asks you to locate the folder.

Another possibility is to put the button into a Library file--the Static variables are left in tact, so if you then create another copy of the button from that Library file it will have the same information.

Mail Action Button

Select Use Mail Action on Selected Messages form the Mail Action Button and it will apply the currently enabled Mail Actions to the selected messages. (this is the same function as the AppleScripts "Run Mail Actions on Messages")

Open Folder Button

Open Folder is most useful if you're in the middle of reading/composing a message, and want to access another message you've don't need to bring the main window forward and switch to the folder where the message is: just use Open Folder to open the message's folder so you can get to the other message.


Paste Face Button

For More Info:

See Working With the Library

See Working With OneClick Menus


A special thanks to George Clark for help with the EmailTools sections.


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