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Can I open URLs???

[Q] Can I open URLs from Claris Emailer?

[A] Yes. You need to install the Internet Config System.

IC = Internet Config, Peter Lewis's venerable freeware utility that acts as a central repository for all your Internet preferences, and is used by various internet applications for that data. You're probably already familiar with it, but if not, see

Advantage of using IC 

[Q] What's the advantage of using IC?

[A] Internet Config provides a universal settings file for all of your Internet applications. Enter your settings once (e-mail, news, downloads, helpers, file mappings, etc.) and IC-savvy applications will use those settings to configure themselves. Rumor has it that Mac OS 8.2 will use an Internet Control Panel that is built upon IC.

The obvious advantage is that Navigator will begin to use Emailer as a mailto helper, properly. Other advantages -- to me -- are file mappings, which cause Emailer attachments to be downloaded with the proper icon and file and creator types; a system-wide downloads folder which never needs to be set in an application; and mail account settings that are used by every Internet application I use, even if I install a new one.(Explanation by Don Morris)

Setting Helpers and other Preferences in IC

[Q] I have been advised to "define my browser" in Internet Config "Helpers". I am perplexed. If someone has the patience to clarify in steps I would be grateful. There are no manuals that I can find.

See Lesson on Basic Instructions for setting IC

Problems with Netscape using Emailer

[Q] I've set up IC to use Emailer as my "mailto" helper, but I'm still having problems with Netscape using Emailer as my mail client.

[A] What matters is if Internet Config has Emailer defined as the email helper application. Netscape Navigator could care less if you create a new helper in it's built in helper preferences, specifying Emailer as an email helper app. That won't make one difference here folks. The only thing you do in Navigator 4.x stand-alone is click on the checkbox that tells Navigator to use Internet Config settings. You'll find this checkbox in "Edit Menu -> Preferences -> Identity." insert NN prefs here... leave this out if you think it's overkill.

Also, URL Manager Pro has this feature, it will update Navigator to use all the helpers defined within Internet Config. For instance, anytime I click on an ftp link, Fetch loads and starts downloading the file, Navigator does nothing.

See Setting Navigator to use Emailer as Mailto for more details.

Do I have to use IC???

[Q] Do I have to use IC? Can I just set Navigator to use Emailer as my mail client?

[A] Navigator stand-alone won't pass off mailto links to Emailer unless you have Internet Config on your system and properly configured. Then all you have to do is click on the checkbox titled "Use Internet Config" in the Navigator Preferences (under Identity).

[A] Well, as I understand it, clicking a Mailto: link in Navigator will only bring the outgoing message to the front if the Emailer application is *not* already open in the background. If it is open in the background the new message window will be created but it *will not* come to the front. You then have to bring emailer to the front on your own.

[A] Emailer will only come to the front automatically if Internet Config is installed and running.

What is ICeTEe2?

[Q] What is ICeTEe 2?

[A] ICeTEe 2 allows you to command click a URL in other applications. Install the ICeTEe 2 extension from Internet Config. Then all you have to do is highlight the URL and command-click on the highlighted text. You may also have to set Internet Config for the correct browser.


1) Most internet applications nowadays recognize the settings you configure in Internet Config, so you don't have to reenter this information each and every time you get a new internet application.

2) Very (very) small hard disk footprint, no RAM footprint. The only time it uses RAM is when you launch the Internet Config application to edit the settings.

3) MacOS Rumors is reporting that OS 8.2 (Allegro - due out this summer) will have Internet Config built in to the system in the new PC Exchange control panel.

4) It is free, so why not?


1) Internet Config installs an extension, but it is not _really_ an extension after all. It resides in the extensions folder, but it is really just a document. It contains your IC settings for apps that look in the extension folder for them. If you don't believe me on this, launch IC, and in one of the menus you can install or remove the extension, on the fly, without a restart. If the IC extension really was an extension that patched the system, then you couldn't do that without a restart.

Anyway, this is a disadvantage simply because too many people think IC uses an extension, which is technically inaccurate.


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