Step by Step Lesson on Setting up a Mail Action

If you are only using the default folders (In, Out, Sent, Deleted, Read, Logs), you are not using the full functions of Emailer.

Rather than have all you mail in the In Box, you need to sort mail to folders using Mail Actions. A Mail Action will automatically put mail in the correct folder for you to read.

I will explain how to make a folder for the Mac Talk list and set a mail action to sort mail to the new folder. You can use this example to make folders for your other mail.

Go to Folder in the menu bar and select New Folder.

Name this new folder MacAssistant Tips and Tutorials. Click OK.

Next go to Setup in the menu bar and select Mail Actions.

Select New

Name your Mail Action "Mac Talk"

Select _To_ then _Contains_ then type MacTalk.

When I am filling in this part of the action, I use the info from the header of a message. Look for the "to", "from", "reply-to" for your choices. Sometimes it is necessary to add more than one criteria to get all messages filed correctly. You can start with just one and add others as necessary.

Actions box will be filled in from the Action Entry section.

Select Define Actions. This takes you to Action Entry.

Select "Set Priority" then over to the right select the color you want. This is a personal preference.

Select "File Message" then go to the right and select your folder Mac Assistant Tips and Tutorials. If you haven't made your new folder, you can choose "select a folder" to enter the new folder.

Select a new auto log entry. You can read your mail from the logs folder. (click on Priority in Logs to read)

Click Save (this takes you back to the first page),

Note that the bottom box is now automatically filled in. Now save again.

Now when you get mail from the Mac Talk list it will automatically go into the correct folder. Use sort to organize your messages. To sort, just click on the heading. Sorting by subject makes it easy to read threads. Sort by date, gives you the messages in the order they were received. Sort by name will give messages by sender.

You can make subfolders to move messages as you read them to organize and keep messages handy. To make a subfolder go to Folder in the menu bar and select subfolder. You need to have the folder highlighted you want to make the subfolder in. (With v3, you can drag folders).

Now that you are receiving your Mac Talk with a priority set, you can open your Logs Folder and click on Priority and your Mac Talk messages will be grouped together.

Want to find out about Mac Talk?


How do I get all my messages from the In Box to my new folder?

Now you ask, "What about all those messages that need to be moved to my new folder?" Use the Script "Run Mail Actions on Messages".

Or use the EmailTools Mail Action Button

Select Use Mail Action on Selected Messages form the Mail Action Button and it will apply the currently enabled Mail Actions to the selected messages. (this is the same function as the AppleScripts "Run Mail Actions on Messages")

Place the script in the Claris Emailer Folder: Claris Emailer Files: AppleScript. Then restart Emailer. Open folder to messages that you want to move, select all messages, then select the 'Run Mail Actions on Messages' from Script in the Menu bar. This will move your Mac Talk messages and any other messages you have set mail actions.

Now make actions for your other lists.


In the Mail Actions List window, you can drag the order of mail actions to place your most important actions first.

Too many Spam actions can dramatically slow down unpacking messages.

Create a Mail Actions for yourself so you don't have to deal with your own messages to lists.

Mail Actions can sometimes become corrupt. If you're having problems disable Mail Actions and see if the problem goes away. If so, look for the corrupt action and replace it.



For help on Scripts see Step by Step Lesson-Using AppleScripts in Emailer


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