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Using AppleScripts in Emailer


This is a simple "get started" lesson on using prepared AppleScripts.

First you don't have to write scripts to use AppleScripts. When you use your Mac OS-based computer, you use the mouse and keyboard to open documents and application programs, move documents and file folders, enter information, print, and perform any other actions you want. Scripting gives you a whole new way to work: You can give the computer a list of things you want it to do­a script­ and let the computer do everything on your list. (from "Using AppleScripts Part 1)

In the Menu Bar for Claris Emailer, you will see . Pull down on the Script symbol and you will see the scripts that have been installed with Emailer. These scripts are found in the Claris Emailer Folder: Claris Emailer Files: AppleScripts. Emailer also came with additional scripts. Look in the Support Files Folder: Example AppleScripts. Many additional scripts can be found at the Fog City Site as well as some private sites. See Scripts for these links and other information on scripts.

(You might want to trash the Register Emailer, Go to Emailer Home Page and About the AppleScript Menu.)

The first script we are going to use is W. John Carlsen's Internet & Email Scripts 1.2.5.

To get this script visit :

"Get & Send Mail" launches Claris Emailer if it is not already running, opens a PPP connection if needed, tells Emailer to do a specified mail operation (preset to send pending outgoing mail and get new mail via the default account, but this is easily changed*), and then disconnect from PPP if appropriate.

Drop the OT/PPP Get and Send mail into the automated tasks folder in the Apple Menu folder. (I put a space in front of the name to put it at the top of the list.) Or put it on your desktop and place your favorite custom icon on the script. When you select the script, it will automatically launch Emailer, make a connection, get your mail then close the connection.

Tip: Paste the Mail icon that came with OS8 on the Script and leave it on your desktop.

Note this script doesn't go into the Claris Emailer AppleScripts folder. It needs to be accessible to launch Emailer and your ISP connection. The standard place for these applications is in the Automated Tasks folder, so they can be quickly accessed from the Apple menu item of the same name. But if you have any macro utility like QuicKeys or OneClick, you can set specific key combinations to run each application at a keystroke. There are also shareware Control Strip Modules that are easy to use.

Don't use OT/PPP??? Get one of the two new versions for FreePPP (before and after v2.6).

Using the •de-quoter script

Next, we are going to use the •de-quoter script. Download this script from the Fog City Site. (While you're at the FogCity Site, be sure to check out the numerous AppleScripts available. Most are free! Even the shareware versions are worth a look.) When the Fog City site opens, type Command F for Find and enter "de-quoter". Download this script and place the script in the Claris Emailer Folder: Claris Emailer Files: AppleScript. Then restart Emailer.

Now select any message that has quotes, highlight the text, select •de-quoter from the AppleScripts menu. It will strip the quote. You will have to run it for each level of quotes.

Example Message:

Before running •de-quoter:


After running •de-quoter

Neat, Huh? (BTW, John's archiver is available now)

Once you set up folders and Mail Actions, you need to move all that mail that's cluttering up your In Box. "Run Mail Actions on Messages" will move all those messages to the new folders you have set up.

Download "Run Mail Actions on Messages" here

Or use the EmailTools Mail Actions Button and select Use Mail Action on Selected Messages from the Mail Action Button and it will apply the currently enabled Mail Actions to the selected messages.


Place the script "Run Mail Actions on Messages" in the Claris Emailer Folder: Claris Emailer Files: AppleScript. Then restart Emailer. Open your In Box Folder and select (highlight) all messages. Then select the 'Run Mail Actions on Messages' from Script in the Menu bar. This will move your Emailer-Talk, Mac Talk, OneClick or EmailTools-Talk messages as well as any other messages you have set actions for to the correct folder. If you don't have mail actions set up then it can't move your messages. See Mail Actions for more info.

This is a handy script for when you add a new mail action and want to file your messages in your new folder.

Use "Reply Using From" and the reply message is addressed to the "from" address.

For Emailer-talk, use the script "Reply to Emailer talk v1.2". Get this script at Sascha's site.

Now start experimenting with other scripts.

Remember to: Restart after installing new AppleScripts.


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