Lesson on Setting Internet Config

Internet Config is Public Domain software that assigns helper applications to specific tasks. If you have Internet Config installed and configured on your computer, you can double-click, Command-click, or Option-click any http, ftp, or E-mail address, and the assigned helper application automatically launches. Without Internet Config, you would have to copy the address to your Clipboard, launch your appication, and manually paste the Address. This lesson helps you set up Internet Config's basic functions.

Basic Instructions Only

Exception: Since Communicator (as opposed to the stand-alone Navigator) doesn't honor IC settings for email programs, you can set this with Activator. Activator (actually, the full name is mailto:Activator) is an app for setting Communicator's email client to the app of your choice, rather than using Communicator itself.

Open Internet Config. The window showing Internet Preferences will open.

Note: Not all sections have to be filled out.

Click Personal. Enter your name. Other info is optional.

Click Email. Enter info:

Email Address: Jdoe@xxx.com (your name @ your ISP)

Email Account: Jdoe@mail.xxx.com

Email Password: xxxxxx (put your password here)

SMPT Host: smtp.xxx.com

Note: Your SMTP server should be set to your ISP's setting. It could be:





News: Set these only if you use a news reader

World Wide Web: Insert your Home Page or leave blank.

File Transfer: Leave as Default or select location nearest you. Downloads allows you to set where files will be located when downloaded.

Other Services: You can skip this one

Fonts: Select your favorite fonts.

File Mappings: You can skip this one

Helpers: Allows you to add, change or delete. You should define your browser (Netscape or Internet Explorer) as your helper for "http", "https", and maybe "file".You should define Emailer as your helper for "mailto".

Though you could use Navigator as your ftp, news, or nntp helper, you'd typically want to use client software better suited for the purpose, like Fetch or Anarchie for ftp, and NewsWatcher or another newsgroup reader for news and nntp.

Select the helper applications you want to use by clicking Add. An Add Helper dialog appears.

Select Choose Helper. A standard Open dialog appears.

Navigate to the location of the helper application on your hard drive. Select the application and click OK. For example, if Anarchie is your ftp client, Anarchie should be your ftp helper.

Type http, file, ftp, mailto, etc. in the Helper For field. Click OK.

Close Internet Config and save your settings at the prompt.

Firewalls: You can skip this one

Save settings and you're done!!!


If you want Netscape and IE to use a local file as the home page, it's the path to that file that needs to go in IC's "Home page" setting.

URLManager Pro can also set the helper applications in your browser. With URManager Pro, select File:Preferences:Internet Preferences.


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