Mail Actions

How to Manage Messages

[Q] How can I use Claris Emailer to prevent my In Box from being overwhelmed by all the emailer-talk messages?

[A] First create a new folder and name it Emailer Talk.

Under Setup in the Menu bar, select Mail Actions. Click New. Use the following Mail Action:

The Actions Box will be filled in automatically from the Action Entry page.

Click Define Actions:

Select Set Priority, then Select the Priority number you would like to assign your Emailer-Talk Folder.

Select File Message, then Select the folder from the pop-up menu you wish to route Emailer-talk messages.

Likewise, you can use the Mail Actions for similar operations on mail from other high-volume lists (Emailer-Talk is not the only one) or for simply maintaining organization to all your mail. (Many ClarisEmailer users have numerous mail actions.)

"Stop mail actions if criteria are met"

[Q] What does "Stop mail actions if criteria are met" means in the Mail Action Window? it's not clear to me... I've tried to select/deselect, but don't see any difference...

[A] If it is checked, no other mail actions below it in the list will be run; if it is not checked, they will be run.

Setting Criteria for Mail Actions

[Q] I have received my office mail in the Work Mail folder. Any mail from lets say Joe Blow should automatically go into a folder called Joe Blow, and be removed from the work mail folder. How can I do this. So far I have had a tough time of it. When I receive my work mail, there are certain people's mail that needs to me moved into their own folders.

[A] Mail Actions are run in the order they appear in the Mail Actions window. So if you have a mail action that files office mail to a folder named work folder, then all mail that meet that criteria go there. If you then try to run other mail actions to file individual coworkers mail to individual folders, it wouldn't work since the mail had already been filed to the work folder.

The solution is to put all mail actions dealing with specific coworkers before the general worker mail action. That way all the individual people's email will go to their folder, and then any other office mail you get will get processed by the general work folder mail action.

The "Stop mail actions if criteria are met" checkbox should be checked on the "Joe Blow" Mail Action, otherwise you'll get two copies of the message, one in "Joe Blow" and the other in "Work."


Setting Multiple Criteria

When setting multiple Criteria, make sure that "don't apply actions " is the last selection.

Still don't understand Mail Actions? Check out lesson on Mail Actions.

For SPAM actions see SPAM Busters


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