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Special for Scripters using Non-English Systems

Download the Mac OS 8 English dialect file here. (Version 1.1.2)

Download the System 7 English dialect file here. (Version 1.1)  

Quick Summary


Conflict with German Version and PGP

The German version of Emailer 2.0 and PGP 5.5 has a conflict. PGP works fine with Emailer. Just keep that extension far from your Extensions folder, and use the menu instead. This problem is due to the localization of Emailer in Ireland.

Accents get garbled (é)

[Q] I exchange messages in French. When someone sends me a message, I see a little square instead of the letter with the accent.

[A] If you have only two or three such characters in one mail message it may be too much work to do something about it. But if you have received a big text with lots of such characters to change back, then you can use my "Search and Replace" AppleScript to change them all even in Emailer's window.

The script is of course free, but it requires OS8 to work! You can find all my Emailer-Scripts to download at:

[A] Some of my correspondents are able to quote my words correctly, i.e. without destroying the accents. Others destroy the accents and I get the squares that you mention. If I take that altered text into, say, Tex-Edit, I can get the ASCII code for the squares. And I find that it is exactly 128 less than the code that I sent. To me this means that somewhere in the transmission of my message and its reply, the letters are being translated into 7-bit characters. Whether this happens in transit or is something that the responding mail programme does, I do not know.  

Change FileMaker Template to use U. S. Date

[Q] I got Gerrit VanOppen's nice modification of Dan Crevier's Filemaker Pro template for archiving Emailer messages.

The one trouble is that the template insists on using Dutch names for days ("doenderdag") and months , and European ordering for dates (dd-mm-yy). I can figure out how to change the day and month names, by editing the data fork (the names are stored as Pascal strings), but it's ugly.

Does anyone know if there's a way within Filemaker to change the template to use U. S. dates?

[A] If you open a file that was created with international date/time settings different to your own, FMPro will show the additional item "Use System Formats" in the Format menu. Using this you can toggle between the original and your current format. I tried this on another neat template in the Dutch format (created by Roelof van Rosmalen) and it worked okay.

Mail is Cut/Truncated

[Q] Emailer cuts sometimes my mails, reproducible. What causes this problem. Example:

lavede gang i den så meget at flyet måtte mellemlande og smide ham af.

[A] This problem was originally brought to my attention in early March (after the remainder of the Emailer team had left Claris / FileMaker, and well after we'd shipped 2.0v3 by an Apple employee who was working on the AppleShare IP mail server.

Here's the conditions under which mail will be truncated:

1) The message is quoted-printable encoded. Emailer uses quoted-printable encoding whenever the text body of a message has non-US ASCII characters, such as the 'å' character above.

2) One of the lines of the message begins with the quote character ('>'), and ends with a period in the 72nd character.

All of the message after (and including) the period will be truncated.

For the technically inclined, here's what happens: the period is wrapped to a new line, all by itself. The SMTP standard dictates that mail messages are terminated by a single period all by itself on a line (actually, the sequence "<CR><LF>.<CR><LF>"). Furthermore, the standard requires that message lines consisting exclusively of a period on a line by themselves be "period stuffed" -- that is, any message line beginning with a period should have a second period inserted by the SMTP client (Emailer). Emailer is failing to "period stuff" (or encode via QP) this wrapped period under the above conditions.

We did extensive work in Emailer's quoted-printable code for 2.0v3, and unfortunately introduced this bug.

Interestingly enough, you're reading this text because Thomas' text above now fails to meet the criteria: the non-US ASCII characters in his lines above will indeed cause this entire message to be quoted-printable encoded, but my additional quoting of his text moved the period in question to a position other than the 72nd character.

If you don't use non-US ASCII characters in your message (i.e. you never use the option key in combination with other keys to generate a character), you'll never run into this bug -- although this is little consolation for non-English users, as they tend to use non-US ASCII characters extensively.

Whenever I send a message that's truncated by my SMTP server (and this has never happened to me inadvertently, only while verifying this bug), I get the following error log:

** SMTP server error "500 Command unrecognized"

Essentially, the SMTP server's seeing the remainder of the message past the "<CR><LF>.<CR><LF>" sequence that it's treating as the message terminator, and doesn't know how to handle it.

If you decide to move back to Emailer 2.0v2 after upgrading to Emailer 2.0v3, you'll have to convert your address book back to pre-v3 formats (I'm not familiar with how to do this myself, perhaps someone else can describe the process?). The email database itself is unchanged between v2 and v3. (See Reverting Address Book back to v2 below)

Apple is aware of this problem, but I don't know if they plan to produce a fix.

For what it's worth, I no longer work at Claris / FileMaker / Apple, so obviously I don't speak for any of them <g>.

To clarify when the problem occurs:

1) The message is quoted-printable encoded. Emailer uses quoted-printable encoding whenever the text body of a message has non-US ASCII characters (e.g. any character generated in conjunction with the option key).

2) One of the lines of the message begins with the quote character ('>'), and ends with a period in the 72nd character.

All of the message after (and including) the period will be truncated.

explanation by David Mollerstuen

Reverting Address Book back to v2

You can't convert it back; when you upgrade to v3, a copy of the address book is made before it is updated, so you have a copy of the old address book that you can use. If you made changes to the address book and want to keep them, you'll have to export the book as tab delimited text, and then import it into the v2-format book under v2. You won't be able to update groups this way, though.

AppleScript to prevent truncation

Download Avoid QP Truncation Script here

Below is the Applescript that should prevent truncation of outgoing messages in 2.0v3 in case you wish to customize or edit it. If you experience any problem with the script please direct comments to Thomas Chirpich

What the script does.

If you have an outgoing message open in its own window, the script will add a space to the end any line that begins with a ">", ends with a period, and is longer than 70 characters.

The result:

Outgoing messages with QP coding were not truncated. (However, the period at the end of the line at which truncation would have occurred will be missing from the message recipients get.)

-- Version 1.1 7/1/98

tell application "Claris Emailer"

if the class of the front window is outgoing message window then

set theContent to the content of the displayed message of the front window

set newContent to ""

set lineChange to false

repeat with currentParagraph in the paragraphs of theContent

if length of currentParagraph is greater than 70 then

if character 1 of the currentParagraph as string is ">" then

if character -1 of the currentParagraph as string is "." then

set currentParagraph to currentParagraph & space

set lineChange to true

end if

end if

end if

if newContent is "" then

set newContent to currentParagraph


set newContent to newContent & return & currentParagraph

end if

end repeat

set the content of the displayed message of the front window to newContent

if lineChange then

display dialog "A space was added to the end of one or more lines to prevent message truncation."


display dialog "No changes were necessary to prevent message truncation."

end if


display dialog "No action taken. This script requires that an outgoing message be open in its own window."

end if

end tell

All Shortcuts Not available on Non US Keyboards

All shortcuts won't be available for every language version (or rather for every keyboard layout). I know that many don't have the "[" and "]" available without holding alt or ctrl.

This is the normal US keyboard using the font Tectol:


This is the normal Swedish keyboard using the same font:


As you can see there are no "[" and "]".

To reach those signs from a Swedish keyboard you have to press the option key but that will interfere with Emailer's defined shortcuts.

This is how a Swedish keyboard looks when the option key is pressed:


So either you have to load the US keyboard or you have to get by without those specific Emailer shortcuts.


A special thanks to Uno Martensson & Sascha Welter for helping with the

Non-English Notes.


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