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[Q] How can I get info from Emailer to Claris Organizer?

[A] Emailer->Organizer synchronization scripts at:

Here's the readme:

Emailer-Organizer Scripts

By Dan Crevier <>


These scripts require Emailer 2.0v3 or later, and Claris Organizer 2.0. They are meant to synchronize the email addresses in Organizer from Emailer's address book. The entries are in no way time stamped, so there's no good way to do a two way synchronization.

Selected Addresses to Organizer

Select one or more contacts in Emailer's address book and run this script. If the contacts exists in Organizer, its email address will be updated, and if it does not exist, a new contact will be created.

Update Organizer Addresses

For each contact in Organizer, this script will look that user up in Emailer's address book, and if found, will update the Email address in Organizer.

Note: For each script to work, the email address field in Organizer has to be one of the first 5 custom fields, and its name must contain "Email."


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