Partially Retrieve Messages

[Q] How can I leave large messages on my server? I would like to see what the file is before downloading. Sometimes I get a bounced file and have to wait and wait for it to load just so I can trash it.

[A] In your Emailer preferences, under Setup in the menu bar, select Accounts, and click Edit. Click the Options tab. Select "Partially retrieve messages larger than" and fill in a value. Save and then you're done unless you have other changes to your account info.

Setting Options


When a large message comes in you will get an icon next to the message.


Click on the icon to make your selection.


After the message is deleted, the icon will show "This message was deleted from the server."


Do I Delete or Leave or Server?

When a large message comes in. (you set the size in your preferences) it will download the header and part of the message. This message will be marked with a broken message icon.

Open the message do view the partial contents.This should give you the information on whether to delete or retrieve at the next session. At the top right of the message window you will see the broken message icon. Click on the broken message icon to make your selection in either the message window or in the browser view.


Note the icon changes to denote your selection.

To get at next connection


 To delete at next connection


To leave on server

The icon doesn't change if you choose to leave it on the server.


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