Keyboard ShortCuts

To keep the message and move to the next in the list press Cmd-]

To delete the message and move to the next in the list press Cmd-Opt-]

To keep the message and move to the next _unread_ message press Ctrl-]

To delete the message and move to the next _unread_ message press Ctrl-Opt-]

To do the same things for the previous message use '[' instead of ']'

Note: All Shortcuts Not available on Non US Keyboards


Using Arrow Keys

When you open a message to read, you'll notice two arrow buttons at the top left of the window which can navigate through the messages in a folder. If you hold the option key down, you'll notice they change to trash cans with little arrows. Clicking one of the buttons will delete the current message and take you to the next one. Real simple and doesn't require any intervention.

Command-Key Shortcuts

Command-1 Brings up the In Box

Command-2 Brings up the Out Box

Command-3 Brings up the Folder List

Command-4 Brings up the Address Book

Other command-key shortcuts:

Most of the command-key shortcuts for Claris Emailer buttons show when you hold down the command key for about 5 seconds. Some that are not evident this way or via the menus are:

command-shift-R switch to recipients view(outgoing mail)

command-shift-E switch to enclosures view (outgoing mail)

Header Toggle

Command-T toggles the display of the header; its there for continuity because it was in 1.x. The "official" shortcut is command-shift-R.

Command-Shift-H for toggling from short to long headers

Note: This shortcut does not work if you use AOL. AOL does not support the long headers. Instead, you get them stuck at the end of EVERY message (unless you use AOL's wonderful mail client).

Message-List Window Toggle

Although Command-L is the "official" shortcut for opening the Message-List window, Command-3 also opens it because command-3 had a similar meaning in 1.x

Find Text

Select some text (up to 32 characters), then press Command-E followed by Command-G, and you'll scroll to the next occurrence of that text. Then repeat just the Cmd-G to go to the next one. This is handy for following a specific thread in a digest message, for example.

More Shortcuts!!!

[Q] Are there other option-click shortcuts that are documented somewhere?

[A] Almost any item that has a preference that sets between two items will reverse when you option click or option-choose from the menu, plus some others, such as option-clicking the connect icon on the tool bar.

For Newbies, maybe not so obvious...

From the Menu bar in Emailer, you can open the Downloads Folder and Emailer Files Folder.

Tip If you want to drag a message into a subfolder of a closed folder, drag the message over the triangle to open the parent folder, and then drop the message into the desired subfolder.


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