[Q] I receive email, via emailer, from two different sources. One is via local ISP & the other is via AOL. Is it possible to set up Mail Action(s) to divert mail that is not addressed to me from both accounts (as is often the case where spammers use a phoney To: address) to a folder called Spam? I have tried using the "To:" "does not contain" "my email address" argument, but this results in all mail going to the spam folder.

[A] Create a mail action that files all mail where any recipient contains your email address to the in-box folder, then one that files all mail to the spam folder. If you subscribe to any mailing lists, you'll have to create mail actions for them as well, executing before the spam mail action.

The following method is Brian B. Riley's recipe for nailing blind SPAM 99.9%.

Its been a couple of months now since I impelemented the SPAM handling I detailed in this list. The result now after some minor tweaks is that I have to 'handle' about one piece of spam every other day, that is to say about three or four pieces of spam mail per make it to my InBox. The rest wind up in a folder called 'Suspect'. To recap the scheme;

(1) I check for specific mailing lists and file them to individual folders. I used the "Internet Header" field called "Sender" to make this decision with each action stopping on completion. This is done to separate dual replies (one to list one to me) to list messages.

(2) I then check for three 'Get' messages which are auto-replies for my PGP Public Key, and two other files I make available.

(3) I then look for mail from five particular individuals which also get filed to their own folders.

(4) I have eight actions for mail from different accounts or from certain other persons which get 'color coded' (that is a priority other than 1 set)

(5) I have a 'do nothing' action which stops the mail actions if the message goes that far and has 'brianbr' in the To or CC field. (I shouldn't need this but sometimes my mail gets to 'Suspect' without it)

(6) anything that gets this far is filed to 'Suspect'

I eyeball 'Suspect' and usually mass delete it. I get about 5-35 pieces of mail per day in there and when they are filed togther its amazing how much alike they look, quite recognizeable. About once every two weeks or so I get some 'real' mail in 'Suspect' ... its usually very obvious and I make appropriate edits to Mail Actions to make sure it gets handled correctly the next time.

My own specifics aside, the two keys to the whole scheme are the use of the "Internet Header" "Sender" field to parse out your mailing list messages, and the use of "Any recipient" contains "yourmail address" to separate your mail from SPAM sent out using Blind Carbon Copy (BCC). The 'any recipient' cannot test BCC fields only CC and TO fields


SPAM Filter Package

For those of you with spam problems, I urge you to check out my SPAM Filter package now available on the Fog City web site. It includes a template mail action and detailed instructions on how to set up an effective spam filter. It also has an updated version of my No More Spam script, for those of you who like getting "Message Undeliverable after 4 hours" messages (like myself). David Cortright

SPAM Filter Package Refinement for Multiple Accounts

However, I have one small refinement to suggest that might be helpful to some folks:

David's filter contains tests (lines 5 and 6) for "To Contains ''" and "CC Contains ''". Well, if you have a bunch of email accounts, you'll need to add a pair of lines to the filter for each of your accounts.

To get around this and to simplify filter maintenance, I'd suggest creating an Address Book group that consists of a list of all your valid email addresses; call it, say, "My Addresses". Then replace the tests on David's lines 5 & 6 with:

To Is in specific group "My Addresses"

CC Is in specific group "My Addresses"

When you make the entries in the "My Addresses" group, you can leave the Contact Name fields blank, to avoid any problems with variations in how people type your name.

If you use this approach, you only need one pair of tests that covers all your accounts, and any time one of your addresses changes, all you have to do is update the "My Addresses" group, rather than monkeying with the filter.

Noah Price


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