Tips and Highlights

Adding Recipients to Message

[Q] I cannot find keystrokes in Emailer for these actions to select BCC or CC instead of To when I'm addressing mail.

[A] In the Type field, to select BCC, just type B, for CC type C and for To type T. See Shortcuts for more details.

Advanced/Simple Rebuild

AOL 3.0 Address Converter

This utility quickly converts all your addresses from the AOL 3.0 client into the Claris Emailer 2.0 address book. This utility is only necessary with the 3.0 version of the AOL client software. Conversion of previous AOL address books is built into Claris Emailer 2.0.

Download Address Converter here

AOL Can't Retrieve or Send

[Q] I've just upgraded to Emailer 2.0v2 from 1.x. Emailer will no longer retrieve or send email via AOL! The AOL client still works fine. What do I do?

[A] I had similar connection problems when I upgraded. I spent forever on the phone with Claris. Finally, one of the tech support people suggested trying a new phone number. Lo and behold, it solved the problem. Some of the AOL access numbers don't work with Emailer. The one I tried used to be a temporary access number. I am not sure what all that is about. Just try several different numbers.

Try AOL NOW! Get 500 Hours FREE!

AOL GlobalNet CCL

If you need to connect to AOL via the AOL GlobalNet network, you can try using this file. This CCL file is not supported by AOL or Claris.

AOL with Emailer does it work?

[Q] How exactly does Emailer dial into AOL? I have a PC friend who is intrigued, because AOL said there were NO external mail programs. Any ideas??

[A] So far as I know, there are no external wintel mail programs for AOL, and Emailer is the only one for Mac. Essentially, you choose AOL from the accounts dialog, and open an AOL account window. You then enter your screen name and password. In the Service Providers panel dialog, you double-click on AOL, and fill in the information (CCL, port, connection speed, phone number, etc.) in the resulting dialog.

That's it. All it can do is receive and send email, though.

Attribution Line

[Q] How do you get Emailer to put the attribution line in a reply?

[A] Emailer will put the date and time in automatically at the top of the message if like:

On 02/08/98 5:45 PM (-0500), Don Juan ( wrote:

To activate it, go to Setup Menu->Preferences->Replies. Click on "Use Attribution Line When Quoting" and configure it the way you like.

Automated Reply

[Q] Can I create a variable in an automated reply that will use info from the sender i.e., their name?

[A] To set the attribution line at the beginning of the reply message go to preferences.

Blinking Connection Log icon

[Q] About a week ago the Connection Log button in my Emailer 2.0v2 toolbar started blinking. So I read and deleted a couple of minor error log files. But the toolbar button just keeps on blinking.

Tonight, I temporarily corrupted one of my Account profiles to force an error log. I had hoped that creating a new log file might clear the problem -- but the button just keeps on blinking even though there are no log files.

[A] Your email database may be slightly corrupted. To fix this, start up Emailer while holding down the option key, and then select the first item from the dialog that pops up. Emailer will make a copy of your database and then perform a rebuild, however you may want to make a backup yourself first just to be safe.

If you are using FWB Turbo Toolkit, disable that first and reboot to prevent a conflict.

Blue URLs??

[Q] Are links hot in Emailer? I thought hot links were underlined and blue.

[A] Links are hot in Emailer they just aren't blue.

See Section on Internet Config for setup instructions.

Bringing Emailer to Front with Netscape

[Q] I just ran "Set Netscape Mailto" to make Emailer the mailto: protocol helper. After pressing a mailto: URL numerous times thinking it didn't work, I switched to Emailer and lo and behold there were fifty outgoing messages for the above-mentioned URL. My question is this, how can you bring Emailer to the front after clicking a mailto: URL as in Explorer?

[A] Emailer will only come to the front automatically if Internet Config is installed and running.

ClarisWorks Template to store messages?

[Q] I'm trying to use CW instead of the other office suite I deinstalled,and I'm also trying to use the CW database instead of FileMaker Pro (which I own), is there a similar template for CW to use with Emailer?

[A] Nope... CW has a low maximum length per field (1k, 2k? I forget) that won't let you put a message body in there.

Cleaning up Emailer Folder

[Q] Since I only have 750 on my HD I like keeping my applications lean, meaning I remove unnecessary files, extensions, folders, etc. Part of the Emailer install included AppleLink and CIS folders, I have no idea what they are for, can I trash them?

[A] You can definitely remove the AppleLink folder; AppleLink does not exist any more. CIS is CompuServe; unless you know that you will never have a CompuServe account, you'd be better off leaving the folder alone. The same goes for the "Notify OfficeMail" if you don't use OfficeMail.

Command Click Gets New Message Instead of Launching Browser

[Q] When I command-click on a URL in the body of a message I get an unexpected result: a blank new message is created with part of the URL in the address area. In most case the URL does get to my browser, but this extraneous message is annoying.

Can anyone explain this and how to correct it? I am using Emailer 2.0v3 and Internet Config.

[A] It appears that you're command-double-clicking. The first command-click opens the URL in the browser, and the second is treated as a double-click to select text and the second click is modified by the command-key, and Internet Config tries to handle it as best it can; because it is not an HTTP or FTP URL, it's assumed to be an e-mail address.

[A] If the URL you command-click on is not complete, i.e., it does not start with "http://www." (without the quotes), it will appear to be an email address. Thus, the behavior you describe.

So, command-clicking on <> will go to (or open and go to) your browser, while command-clicking on <> will open a new message window addressed to <>.

Command Click Gets Nothing

[Q] I've tried command-clicking on a URL in the body of a messager and all that happens is the URL gets highlighted (no browser launch) - is there something I'm missing?

[A] It sounds like Internet Config is missing or not configured correctly. Do you have the extension in your extensions folder & do you have a helper set up for HTTP? Icetee is not required for this feature to work, but IC is.

See Section on Internet Config for more details.

CompuServ "Unable to connect to host"

[Q] I downloaded TCPack, and tried to configure it per the instructions on Claris's site, but no dice, I get the message "unable to connect to host". Help!!

[A] I suggest using the shareware Black Night Telnet Tool, part of the Black Night Connection Set, available from the Fog City Web site.With either Telnet tool, you'll need to purchase it if you don't want to be hanging around to click a button during the connect sequence. TCPack is vastly more expensive and not any better, as far as I can tell. (The version that comes with the CSi software works without intervention only when connecting to CSi.)

Once you've got the tool installed, select Setup->Service Providers in Emailer. Select CompuServe, and in the resulting dialog, select "Mac Comm Toolbox Connection" for "Connection type:" and "Internet" for "Network:". Then click the "Configure..." button.

Latest BlackNight

Date: Fri, 8 May 2020 10:15:05 -0700


Subject: [*] black-night-conn-tools-104.sit

This package includes a Modem Tool, Serial Tool and a Telnet Tool for use with Communication Toolbox aware applications including Black Night,ClarisWorks, Claris Emailer and the CompuServe Information Manager.

The Modem and Serial Tools support DTE rates of 115200 and 230400 bps and the Modem Tool is smart in that it auto detects most modem types. The Telnet Tool is probably the most robust available and works under bothMacTCP and OpenTransport.

This software is shareware and is free to registered users of the "BlackNight" terminal application, although the Modem and Telent Tools can be registered individually if required.

This software can be used with any computer capable of supporting MacOS7.0 or later, requires MacOS 7.0 or later, and may be included on the info-mac CDROM.

For more information, contact:

Christopher Swan <>

or visit the website at

[Archived as /info-mac/comm/term/black-night-conn-tools-104.hqx; 264K]

CompuServe can't get messages

[Q] I'm trying to move a client from CIM over to Emailer, and Emailer can't get any msgs. from CompuServe.

[A] To access CIS over the net with Emailer, you need an auxiliary Comm ToolBox module such as Black Knight or TCPack. Both are shareware.

[A] Another viable option is CompuServe's POP3 Mail. CompuServe customers can find more information about this service at (GO) POPMAIL; the Web site where you set up your POP3 account is On a Mac you will have to use Internet Explorer 3 or 4 to access your account settings.

For CompuServe POP3 Mail you'll get a new address with your current username but a different domain name ( -> You can either have your "classic" mail forwarded to the POP3 address, or you can use the two addresses separately.

Invalid Address...comma changed to period

[Q] I'm using Claris Emailer 2.0v3. I can receive e-mails from CompuServe when I log-on to CIS with no problems. When I log-on to send an e-mail, I get an invalid e-mail address because Emailer is changing the coma to a period which is the format for the internet address.

Example: 12345,2222 to 12345.2222

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

[A] Maybe you forgot to choose "CompuServe" from the pop-up list of destinations? Every time you type an address that contains a comma (no matter whether it's a valid CompuServe ID or some random characters such as "asdf,qwer") Emailer will change the comma to a period. Consider it a spell-checking service -- after all, a single Internet address never has a comma.

There are two ways of entering a classic CS address:

With the CompuServe name addresses it works the same way: Either you add the domain name ( or you just type john_doe and select "CompuServe". Only if a CompuServe address has the format "" (note the different domain name), you have to type the whole thing.

In your case, by not adding a domain name _and_ not selecting "CompuServe" from the pop-up menu, you tell Emailer and thus your ISP to send your message to a "local" address. So, if you send that message from your account, and some other customer of that service happened to have the local address "12345.222" (or in Internet format), that customer would most probably get your message ...

Configuring Connect Now

[Q] Just to see what would happen, I tried retrieving mail using the Connect Now dialog instead of my usual AppleScript. As in previous versions of Emailer, it opened PPP and retrieved the mail, but then failed to close PPP. So I still need to use the AppleScript instead of Connect Now.

[A] Check the "Hang up after connecting via the Send Now button." in preferences? Also check "Hang up after connecting via PPP" in the Send Now dialog .

Connect Again/Connect Now

[Q] What is the difference between Connect Again and Connect Now?

[A] The Connect Again feature immediately connects using the previous Connect Now settings. This is quicker than Connect Now since the Connect Now dialog box is not displayed.

The Connect Now menu item is the last menu item in the Mail menu. It uses command-option-K as a keyboard equivalent.

More Information During a Connection

The Connection Status window displays more information about the current connection. This information includes:


"Connect Now" Only Sends Current Message

[Q] When I click "send now" button to have a message sent right away. I expect Emailer to send any other queued messages at this time as well, but it doesn't. Why not?

[A] Because Send Now sends only the open message. If you hold down the Option Key when clicking it, the Send setup dialog opens, and you can select what you want to send. You can set preferences for the dialog to be the default, and the option key to override the dialog.

Connect Now

[Q] Can I turn off the Connect Now Setup window that comes up when I click on the Connect Now button? It's so redundant.

[A] Yes, with preferences, or by option-clicking.

[A] I think what you want is Connect Again (File menu, cmd-opt-K). Connect Now lets you make some choices about what happens when you connect; connect again uses whatever options you set last time.

Connection Problems

[Q] When I start up my PowerMac 8100, PPP or FreePPP dials my modem to my ISP. It is not in the startup items nor do have I a Quickeys shortcut that's supposed to do that.

[A] Check your TCP/IP Control panel. You will have to go into Edit --> User Mode...then select Administration. That will give you a "Options" button on the Control Panel. Within Options there is Radio button for "Active", then a Check box for "Load only when needed".

If that is not checked, your machine is trying to connect to network services when you restart. With it checked, it will only look for network services if you tell PPP to connect, or launch an application that requires network services.

[A] Do you have Personal Web Sharing enabled? If you do, it will try to establish your TCP connection on startup.

[A] I'll bet you have "Allow Applications to Open Connection" selected in FreePPP, and you have an application (like Netscape) in your Startup Items folder that is trying to do something on the net. Uncheck the "Allow Applications to Open Connection" option in the FreePPP setup.

[Q] I have an Internet account with GTE, and GTE uses two different servers for

incoming and outgoing. GTE referred me to the custom settings patch at FogCity web site. I can get mail, but can't send. Emailer still tries to send mail via " (email account), instead of email address " Any clues on what is going on here?

[A] I think the trick is to make sure that you do not select the Internet Config checkbox because it may be configured differently. This will not effect your ability to command-click URLs in Emailer if you leave the box unchecked. To test this, set up your account correctly and save. Then reopen the account settings and check the IC box while watching carefully. If your data on any of the lines change, then you have IC set up differently than what is needed. I fiddled around with this a while back with a few different providers since using Emailer because quite a few providers that I've dealt with have different addresses for sending than the address/server for gathering.

Account Name: Whatever YOU choose

User Name: Your name

Email Account: ""

Email Password: *******

SMTP Server: ""

Email Address: ""

|_| Use Internet Config settings

Copy Header and Message

[Q] As a habit, I copy some messages onto special files outside the emailer folders. But in Claris Email (1.1v4 lite and 2,0v2) I have never been able to select both the headers and the text of a message at the same time -- I have to select-copy each of them at a time. Am I missing something? Will appreciate help.

[A] Edit menu: Copy Entire Message -- cmd-opt-c.

[A] If you also want the long headers, you will need to select "Show Long Headers" from the "Mail" menu before selecting "Copy Entire Message" from the "Edit" menu but I think this version still requires that the "Show Headers By Default" item of the "Incoming Messages" pane be checked in your preferences.

Couldn't complete the last command because there was not enough memory.

[Q] I recently received a very annoying SPAM message which caused Emailer some trouble. I checked my mail one day, and found a lengthy (1.1MB) message waiting for me. After Emailer received most (not all) of the message, the system would freeze (except for the mouse movement) for 15-20 minutes. Things returned to "normal". The logs icon flashed, and read: Reading 1 of 4 ** Couldn't complete the last command because there was not enough memory.

I checked again while using OTSessionWatcher (monitors OT transmissions). Turned out to be a spam. Instead of very few headers, like most spam, it had hundreds, if not thousands, of visible recipients. No matter what I tried, Emailer would always fail on that message. Setting the message size limit to something small didn't solve the problem. Apparently Emailer will always receive the full headers, no matter what the size.

[A] One solution is to set Emailer to only partially retrieve large email messages (this is done in the accounts setup dialog, under the options tab; there's a checkbox). This allows you to determine if you want to download the rest of message, or just nuke it during your next connection. The advantage to this approach is that you don't have to waste your time downloading large SPAM's.

Delete Attachment

[Q] How do I delete an attachment?

[A] In incoming messages, simply drag it from the enclosure pane to the Finder's trash. Or, open the folder you've designated for Emailer's downloads (most likely the Downloads folder within your Claris Emailer folder, unless you've changed it), and move it to the Trash from there.

[A] With EmailTools, there's a Trash Can on the ET palette that makes this even easier--no need to resize/move things around to find the Finder's Trash; just drag the attachment from the message onto ET's Trash Can, and it's moved to the Trash for you.

[A] Click the trash-can icon next to the enclosures panel in the outgoing message; this will delete it from the message, but not from the hard disk.

Delete Message

[Q] Is there an easy way to delete a message? After deleting Emailer closes the window and returns to the folder list. Do I have to select Deleted Mail from the folder pop-up and then click the next button to keep the message window open? Is there a better way to do this? (Not that I'd consider going back, but Netscape's feature of showing the text of a message when you clicked on an item in a list eliminated an extra step Emailer seems to need.)

[A] Option click on the next button, or press option-command-]

[A] Command-left/right-bracket to move to the next/previous message. Command-options-brackets to delete the current message and move to the next/previous message.

[A] See Shortcuts for a complete listing of all the shortcuts.

Delete Warning Message Missing

[Q] I just upgraded Emailer 2.0v2 to 2.0v3. All of a sudden, I don't get alerts when I delete messages. In preferences, I have that checked. I have tried it with the preference checked and unchecked - no alert.

[A] It's not a bug, it's a feature. The alert was changed in 2.0v3. It no longer alerts you when you are simply moving a message to the "Deleted Mail" folder, since that is not an irremediable action. It only warns of things that cannot be undone, like deleting a message that is <in> "Deleted Mail" (which permanently deletes it), or deleting an entry from the address book. Many people--myself included--had the alert turned off because it was so annoying to have to confirm ordinary message deletions. I welcomed the change; it made the feature useful for the first time, as far as I am concerned. So, no, there is no way to change it back, short of reverting to the older versions of Emailer.

Drag to Select gone..... It's a Bug errr Feature

[Q] It is no longer possible to select several messages in the 'In Box' by clicking and dragging the mouse in the status column. It now requires that the Command key or Shift key be held down as well. This is a step backwards in user interface convenience. Why was this changed?

[A] That actually was a bug, and it was fixed in v3. It seems like a feature, but it really wasn't. You can still drag-select, but you need to hold down the shift key to do it in all columns now.

Edit Incoming Messages

[Q] Does anyone know if you can edit incoming messages in 2.0v3?

[A] There are lots of utilities and OneClick buttons that will make outgoing messages more readable, but the place we really need them is incoming messages, especially digests. Sentences ending with = signs, extraneous characters, etc. sometimes get so back that the point of the message is lost.

If all you need is to decode QP characters (lines ending with = signs, etc.), then use Dan Crevier's Decode QP script (available from the Fog City Web site and in button form on the forthcoming EmailTools OC palette).

If you really want to go to town with editing incoming messages, use R. Shapiro's Emailer->BBEdit and BBEdit->Emailer scripts, which, believe it or not, allow you to edit incoming messages in BBEdit and then replace the original message in Emailer with the edited message. R. has similar scripts for use with TexEdit.

Failed to Pick Up Mail Left on Server

[Q] We are running Emailer 2.0 v3 and have been having more frequent occurrences of a problem that used to happen only rarely. In the past week, three clients at the office whose mailboxes are set to "leave mail on server", have failed to pick up mail until I created new mail accounts (at the client only) for them, whereupon the new account picked up their mail just fine, but of course downloaded a lot of mail the nonfunctioning account had already downloaded.

Tech support for our POP server , says the client maintains the list of what has been downloaded, so it looks like it is the Emailer client that is screwing up.

[A] It's true that the client maintains the list of the mail that's already been downloaded, but it relies on information generated and maintained by the POP server.

The method that Emailer uses to determine whether or not it's already downloaded a copy of a message is somewhat complex, but it relies on a per-message unique identifier (UIDL) generated by the POP server. If the POP server is erroneously reusing "unique" identifiers, Emailer won't realize that a message is new, and won't download it.

Here's a possible example of bad POP behavior that would cause the behavior described:

Message A arrives at POP server; the server assigns a UIDL of X to the message. Emailer logs into the POP server, determines that it hasn't previously seen the message corresponding to UIDL X, downloads message A, correlates UIDL X with message A, and deletes message A from the POP server.

If message C subsequently arrives at the POP server, and the server again assigns a UIDL of X to the message, Emailer won't download the new message C.

I'm not saying that the XXX POP server's wrong, only that this is one possible scenario. One way to test this would be to telnet into the POP server, get a complete list of all the UIDLs for the mailbox exhibiting this behavior, and look for duplicate UIDLs.

[Further Comments] The results of my testing are:

When the account is moved to our second Exchange-server, the problem is gone for several weeks until it reoccurs on the same account.

Chronology of Folders

[Q] When I was using 1.1v3, the mail in my In Box and other folders started with the oldest at the top and then moved forward in time. I liked this better than what I

encountered with 2.0. While it's more convenient to not have to scroll down to the bottom to read my last message in a folder, I find I'd rather not be responding to my messages in reverse order to when they were sent. Is there a way to change this default?

[A] Click on the "sort pyramid" -- it's all the way to the right of the column heads in the browser and folder contents windows. By clicking on different column heads you can also determine what field the messages are sorted on.



Hiding Default Folders

[Q] How can I hide the default folders, (In, Out,Sent, Deleted, Read, Logs)?

[A] Select the folder, and in the Folder Menu, Edit Folder. Click the box "Show in popup menu" off. That takes it out of the popup. In the Browser window, above the list of folders, use the pull-down menu to select "View: Marked Folders". The Sent and Read folders will disappear.


[Q] Is it possible to make the folders that show up in the pop-up menu hierarchical rather than them all being alphabetic?

[A] 2.0v3 has psuedo-hierarchical menus. If a folder named "Emailer" has a sub folder named "saved" it will show up in the popup menu as "Emailer->saved"

[A] Folders at the same level will be listed alphabetically (after the standard six), but you can create subfolders by selecting the folder you want the subfolder to be in and then selecting New Subfolder... from the

Moving Folders

[Q] How can one move the sub folder to become a folder? Dragging the sub folder around does not seem to help.

[A] Drag a folder onto any of the Default (In, Out,Sent, Deleted, Read, Logs) Folders to place it at the top level.

When you drag the folder, the cursor changes to a closed hand cursor. Now the areas over which the folder is dragged highlight if the folder can be dropped.

Folder with drag cursor

Transfer Eudora Folders

Get this script set:

Drop the Import Eudora script into your Emailer scripts folder, quit and restart it if you had Emailer running, then use the script to bring in your old mail folders.

This script runs kind of slowly, so if you've got 1,000 messages stored up it would be a good idea to start it at the end of the day and let it run overnight.

See Section on Transferring from another mail application for more info.

File Reply in Same Folder

[Q] It would be nice if the incoming messages and my replies were filed together in the same folder. Possible?

[A] Sascha Welter has another script that will make a new reply that is automatically stored in the same folder as the reply. Use it instead of the reply button. Get it at

[A] EmailTools will let you make a reply that's filed in the same folder as the incoming message when you create it.

[A] Dan Crevier wrote a script that allows you to highlight the original message and the script will find your reply and move it to the same folder as the original.

Filing Weirdness

[Q] Dragging messages from the in box to a folder causes them to partially disappear. I say partially, because when I click on the folder, the browser window shows the folder to be empty. When I double-click on the folder, the folder window shows the messages!?!? This also applies to messages filed by filters. I can then "fix" the problem by dragging the messages from the folder window to the folder's window in the browser.

The problem persists, despite increasing Emailer's memory partition and repeated database rebuilds (of both kinds)

[A] Hold down F5 when starting Emailer. It should ask you to find your Emailer Files folder. Hopefully that will make it stick.

Finding Reply

[Q] Is it possible to see the reply I sent to a message without manually hunting it down? I thought clicking on the "reply" arrow in the left column would do that (makes sense doesn't it?) but it just opens a message window for that message.

[A] No.

Font Won't Reset Size

[Q] I just installed Mathematica and now the font in Emailer is size 18 and won't reset. I've called Claris and did everything they suggested (rebuild Emailer , rebuild desktop, run NDD, reset PRAM) to no avail.

[A] It's probably a font conflict. Either reinstall all the fonts or run a program like Font Box to check for corrupted fonts. Get the demo at You could also guess the font and replace Geneva and Helvetica since they are used by Emailer. But it could be any font. If you use Font Box run DiskFirstAid then Norton first and then run with extensions off.

Forwarding More Than One Message

[Q] I have about fifty messages that I need to forward. Is there any way that this can be done as a group, or do I have to forward each message individually?

[A] Get David Cortright's Bulk Forward script.

Hard Wrapping Lines to Netscape Mail Users

[Q] When sending messages to some people using Netscape, they receive my messages unwrapped, that is each paragraph is one long line. Who is at fault here, and is there any way to correct that? c

[A] The basic fault lies with the mail client which came with Netscape 2.02 which is unable to deal with soft-wrapped messages. This deficiency was remedied with later versions of Netscape Mail with the inclusion of the command "Wrap Long Lines" under the View menu.

[A] Solution one: Emailer 2.0v3 hard wraps all messages. Upgrade. Solution two: Go to my Emailerscript page and get the "hard wrap" script, that will hard wrap a message to a desired line length (and even allows for custom linewraps). This script requires OS8 though. The page to download is at:

[A] Solution three: Get and use EmailTools.

[A] There are some workarounds, though. (1) and (2) below are primarily for users of localized versions of Emailer; if you have an English version, you might just jump to (3) ...

1) Don't use any characters that are not part of the basic ASCII set, ie. stay away from accents, cedillas and the like. When you include such a "Latin-1" character in an outgoing message, Emailer will automatically encode it (MIME/quoted-printable). And apparently there is some flaw in the earlier versions of Emailer 2 that can cause those one-long-line paragraphs in MIME/QP messages.

So, if you write most of your e-mail messages in English, simply avoid accented characters. If you write in any other Western European language, however, that advice won't be very helpful, I guess. So ...

2) If you happen to have PGP, you could use its "digital signature" feature to prevent the long lines. In PGPkeys, you can set the maximal width for signed messages. This way your outgoing messages will be hard-wrapped -- practically the same as what you get with your MacSOUP workaround, but much easier to accomplish.

3) Users of an English version prior to 2.0v3 should get the Emailer 2.0v3 updater which does not have that "long lines" problem.

Note that Emailer 2.0v3 has another (minor) MIME/QP-related bug: Under specific very rare circumstances, an outgoing message might get truncated. Thomas Chirpich wrote a script that prevents this truncation.

Download Thomas's "Avoid QP Truncation" Script here

Hide Recipients

[Q] Any suggestions how to make Claris Emailer not to publish the address and name of subscribers on the front page of my humble publication?

[A] Address it "To" yourself and "BCC" (Blind Carbon Copy) to all the other. That way only your name will be visible.

Leave Large Messages on Server

[Q] How can I leave large messages on my server? I would like to see what the file is before downloading. Sometimes I get a bounced file and have to wait and wait for it to load just so I can trash it.

[A] In your Emailer preferences, under Setup in the menu bar, select Easy Setup. Select your account and click Edit. Click the Options tab. Select "Partially retrieve messages larger than" and fill in a value. Save and then you're done unless you have other changes to your account info.

See Lessons Leave Large Message on Server and Do I Delete or Leave or Server?

Line Feeds

[Q] I've been getting mail at my ISP from AOL users that has no line breaks, but rather little line feed/carriage return squares interspersed throughout the message. Seems to be happening with AOL users I know to be both Mac and PC users, and also seems, on first sight, to occur just when they originate a message, and not when they're replying to one of my msgs. Anyone know why?

[A] The "search/replace stuff" script (from Sascha) was written for exactly this purpose. You can search for the line feed boxes and replace them with regular returns. Get it at

[A] Spurious linefeeds are a known artifact of AOL mail. It seems (at least to us AOL users) to be caused by "some" of the servers(?) that AOL uses to process the millions of mail messages. Other than avoiding AOL, it seems that things will not change soon. There are some scripts at the FogCity site that will filter out the line feeds. (I use them frequently for messages that have content I wish to save.)


[Q] What are the Logs folder used for?

[A] Auto File Log is an intelligent browser, and is used exactly like a regular browser (or folder) window--except there is more information available. It includes all the mail received since the previous Log was opened. A special additional Folder column tells you which folder it actually resides in due to mail actions. And when mail entries are moved to other folders, even to the trash, they remain in the list; only the entry in the Folder field changes. It even lets you reply to a file that has already been "deleted", directly from the Log window. And, of course, it makes it easy to scan your current mail for important messages you accidentally deleted.


Magnifying Glass

If you click on the magnifying glass next to the address panel, you get the find address dialog. If you click on the glass next to the enclosures panel, you get Emailer's find file dialog. If you click on the plus next to the enclosures panel, you get the standard Find file dialog, and if you click on the plus next to the address panel, you add an addressee to the panel.


Mail Icon

[Q] On the desktop in OS8 is an icon that is named "Mail". If I double click this icon, it opens Emailer Lite, which came with OS8. Not that I've spent a lot of time looking, but where can I (or can I?) change the link so that it opens my version of 2.0.3? The "Browse the Internet" icon opens MISE 4.x to my startup URL, and I did nothing to set that up.

[A] Simply drag all vestiges of Emailer Lite to the trash. The AppleScript "Mail" is looking for any version of Emailer and the Finder is returning the Lite version first.

[A] It is just an AppleScripts. Use Script Editor to open it. Just save it again then when you open it, it will ask you for the location of your Email program.

[A] Try pasting the icon onto John Carlsen's Get and Send Mail AppleScript. This will open Emailer, make a connection, get mail and disconnect.

Mail Sound is dying

[Q] I remember a months or two ago (when I didn't have a G3) about all the fuss with the sound "dying"...well mine started out ok, but now it is sounding like "dwooop"...just one sylable and not the regular "do-we-ooooop" or whatever. So what is the deal?

[A] Virtual memory. Turn it off and see if the problem goes away. If it does, that's it.

Mark as Read

[Q] Is there an easy way to Mark messages "Read"?

[A] Use the contextual menu manager -- control click on the message and select "Mark as Read".

[A] Use the EmailTools button Mark Read/Unread.


Message: "This message has been permanently deleted" what does it mean?

I know we have this on another page, but it's too important not to include again!

[Q] In the logs folder, I keep getting a slew of "this message has been permanently deleted" messages in the Auto-file log folder. I just delete the folder, but they keep showing up again...

[A] If a message was listed in the log, and then you deleted the original message, that's what the log will show. You may want to delete the log after you've read all the messages listed in it. Deleting the log has no effect on the messages themselves.

[Q] Why can't I get rid of this message, "This message has been permanently deleted"?

[A] You have database corruption. If you are using version 1X of Emailer then this is not a problem. With the release of version 2, the mail is stored in a database to conserve disk space. Think about the explanation about HFS+ to understand the benefits of this. The database can get corrupted and you need to understand how to spot and correct this.

If you see the message "This message has been permanently deleted" in any other folder other than the Logs folder this is an indication of corruption, and you need to rebuild the database.

The Logs folder and the "Auto-File Log" are different, and it is in the list window of the latter where that message is OK. The Logs folder is used mostly to store "Connection Log" messages from the "Emailer error reporter". Depending on your Preferences settings, the Auto-File Log may be in the Logs folder or in the In Box.

Most Asked Question

Moving Emailer 2.0v3 to another computer... F5 trick

[Q] I wanted to move the entire Emailer Folder on a ZIP from my Performa 630 to a G3. Getting the mail seems to be working (like Connect Now and Connect Again). Execute Schedule, however, gives me the error message "Couldn't complete the last command because the event was not handled." Emailer is apparently looking for an external Applescript file. Does anyone know what is missing to cause this error?

[A] I think what is happening is that the program has lost track of where the Claris Emailer Files folder is. You should start up Emailer while holding the F5 key down. Try it. You will get a dialog box prompting for the new location of the needed folder.

Moving Text by Scrolling

[Q] If you select text in a new message window, and want to drag it to another location in that message, currently you can only drag to a location visible in the window. Dragging to the top or bottom of the visible window doesn't make it scroll up or down, but I wish it did. Any suggestions on moving text?

[A] Use Scrollability (used to be ScrollMagick). It's a nice Control Panel which enables scrolling just by moving the cursor to the top or bottom of a window.

Network Stream Errors

[Q] We have a constant problem with 'network stream errors' when downloading mail. Reconnecting is not generally a problem, but if there is a lot of mail this results in large numbers of duplicate messages, as Emailer does not delete messages from the server if a connection terminates unexpectedly.

[A] If you set it to leave mail on server for a day it would not happen. I tried it and it has worked fine for me ever since. I don't know why.

That setting is an option in the "Internet Account Entry" dialog on the "Options" tab (In Emailer 2: Setup: Accounts:(account name): Options tab. I check the options, and usually set it for 2 days. It has other uses, but this is a little-known one.

One Email Account with Two Users

[Q] We have one email account with two users. Is there a way to differentiate between the two users sending mail? How can my friends tell the mail is coming from me - not my husband - by looking at the sender information. (

[A] Set up two accounts in emailer. one with your name and the other with your husbands, but both with as the email account. Then choose the appropriate one in the Send via: popup menu when sending the message.

Opening Large Files

[Q] How do you read large files that SimpleText can't open?

[A] If you set your "Editor" helper application in your Internet Config preferences to something like Tex-Edit (or BBEdit Lite or whatever), then you can just double click the attached text file to read it in that application.

[A] I use BBEdit Lite, available for FREE from Bare Bones Software.

[A] My preferred solution is Tex-Edit:

[A] There are many text editor that will open large files, but let me point you to SimpleEdit. It's a free replacement for SimpleText that handles > 32K files and has some other nice features:

Password Protect

[Q] Does anyone know of a way to prevent other people from logging into Emailer. This is a school that has 30 teacher machines. They want to be sure other people can't read mail on a machine if they went to it.

[A] If you're using Emailer 2.0, just omit the password from the account record; the application will ask for your password the first time you log onto that account after launching Emailer. The second and subsequent times, it will remember the password until you quit emailer.

Passwording Two Users Separately

[Q] Is there a way to have two people using an Emailer account and to password the mail they receive in some way? Like a mail action that directs mail for John to one folder and for Mary to another, and somehow the folders are password protected? Or any other way. I thought of two mailboxes, which my ISP will provide, but how does that allow for password protection, if the same computer is used by both parties, can they be kept out of one another's copy of Emailer?

[A] If there are two email addresses, each mailbox will have its own password. However, once the mail is received into emailer, then any mail stored therein is readable by everyone who can open the file.

One way to get around this is to have two copies of emailer, each with its own database files and its own preferences file, so each account will have its own copy of emailer.

Of course, you'll have to password protect access to the applications in that case.


[Q] I cannot find two files mentioned in the 2.0v3 Important Info document:

1) OT/PPP Plug-In.

2) Emailer Contextual Plugin.

[A] The OT/PPP Plug-in is built in to the application. The Finder Contextual Menu Plug-in never got posted. There was a bug in it that changed its name (and the name of other CMMs as well) to "A"; that's why it was not released with v3.

For more info see Plug-ins Missing

Get Emailer Contextual Plugin here

Preferences File

[Q] I can't find my Claris Emailer preferences file to backup. Where is it?

[A] Look in the System Folder for the Claris Folder. It's located inside the Claris Folder.

[A] You can now keep the Claris Emailer Preferences file in the same folder as Claris Emailer. This can be useful if you keep Claris Emailer on a removable disk. You can also use a local preferences file to run more than one copy of Claris Emailer simultaneously on a single machine.

To use a local preferences file, copy the Claris Emailer Preferences file from the Claris folder in the System Folder into the Claris Emailer Folder. A local preferences file is always used instead of a preferences file in the Claris folder. When you use a local preferences file, the title of the Claris Emailer Browser window changes to reflect the name of the copy of the Claris Emailer that you are running.

Printing Font

[Q] Today I needed to print an Email-Message. This message was specially formatted with a fixed width font, so some tables and indentations are looking nice. Now, somehow Emailer seems to always print out in some proportional font and I did not find any place to change it (German Emailer 2.0v1). Is there some place where I can change it?

[A] You have to set the print font with an AppleScript. Such as:

tell application "Claris Emailer"

set the printing font to "Courier"

set the printing font size to 10

end tell

[A] You have to use an AppleScript; there are two parameters: printing font and printing font size. Check the AppleScript dictionary. BTW, v3 was changed so that the factory-default printing font is monospaced.

[Q] The message font I have set in the Emailer preferences is ProFont (like Monaco). Whenever I print messages from Emailer to a laser printer, they come out in Helvetica (or Geneva, I can't tell). However, when I print to an inkjet, I get ProFont, which is what I want.

[A] The printing font is set by the program and there is no "menu" to change it. You can change the printing font using an AppleScript. Should be several on the FogCity website to help you.

The scripts are simple and look like:

tell application "claris emailer"

set the printing font to "Monaco" --or whatever font you want

set the printing font size to 9 --or whatever size you want

end tell

It only needs to be run once because the results are saved in Emailer preferences.

[A] OneClick EmailTools palette includes buttons to make it easy to deal with this stuff.


Quick Help

[Q] I just discovered that I have a QuickHelp 4.0 installed by Emailer, a v.4.1 installed by PageMaker and a v.4.3.5 installed by WordPerfect. What is QuickHelp anyway?

[A] You should do a find for QuickHelp and find out what other version you have. Most of the time you can use a copy of the QuickHelp that Emailer installs for your other apps as it is a newer version (most of the time).

[A] QuickHelp is a help engine that uses help files for specific applications. In theory, all you need is one, and the latest one makes the most sense. However, some applications insist on the QuickHelp that application installed, or on a specific location, or on the file being named a specific way. My guess is that those applications are Windows ports, or at least the programmers were using a Windows frame of mind.

So, don't just throw out your "extra" copies. Move them off the system (to backups) or compress them, then try it out. You may have to keep more than one copy around.

[A] QuickHelp is updated frequently. Get on the notify list for the latest.

Random Signatures

[Q] Instructions say to get random signatures put text files into a folder called "Random Signatures" into your Preferences folder. It doesn't work.

[A] It seems like you have your settings to use the Internet Config signatures but you don't have any signatures in the "Random Signatures" folder in your Preferences folder.

Go to menu Setup->Accounts and then select your account from the account list. Then click on "Options" and chose what signature you want to be your default signature.

Replies in Same Folder

[Q] It would be nice if the incoming messages and my replies were filed together in the same folder. Possible?

[A] Two ways:


[A] Dan Crevier wrote the script 'Reveal Reply' that allows you to highlight the original message and the script will find your reply and move it to the same folder as the original. Look for "Dan's Sample Scripts". It includes 'Reveal Reply'.

[A] Yes. Bear in mind that outgoing messages can be filed in any folder other than Deleted Mail, not just the Out Box. I agree that there ought to be an option to automatically file replies in the same folder as the message you're replying to, and in fact, EmailTools, a forthcoming add-on for Emailer, provides this functionality.

Save as Draft Disappears

[Q] When I save a message "as draft", then later finish it and press the "Send Now" button, the message doesn't appear in the Sent Mail folder. Is a message sent in such a manner saved anywhere?

[A] It will be left in the out box, moved to sent mail, or moved to deleted mail, depending on how you have your preferences set.

Saving Folder of Messages to Text

[Q] How do I bulk save a whole folder full of messages into a single text file without having to open each message, copy, paste into new doc, open message, copy, paste, open...?

[A] Get the AppleScript, "Save Many to Text."

Save Message As...

[Q] I can't figure how to change the default on EM 2.03 so that it will open documents with MS word rather than SimpleText?

[A] There's a "Save Message as Text" applescript that you can drop into your Emailer AppleScript folder. You can set the text type as "MSWD" and then files should be saved as Word files.  

Setting Base 64 for PC users

[Q] I have version 2.0v2 and would like to know if there is a way to set up the Service default to automatically set to base 64 or UUNencode for an address to a PC user instead of having to set it up each time an email is sent to that address. I don't have to worry about service defaults when sending to a Mac computer.

[A] This can't be set according to recipient, but each account has its own Service Default for encoding. So you could just set up another "Account" otherwise identical to the one you normally use, but set encoding to be Base 64 for that account, and use it when sending to PC users.

Setting Navigator to use Emailer as Mailto: Hot Tip

[Q] Is their a way to set up my Navigator so that when I click on an email(mailto:) link on a web page, it opens an Emailer new message with the email address in the "to" line?

[A] The best way to do this is using Internet Config. Make sure Emailer is set to be your mailto: helper in Internet Config, and tell Navigator in the preferences to use Internet Config. IC works well with Navigator standalone, poorly with Communicator.

See Section on Internet Config for complete instructions.

[A] As others have said, NN has the option to use IC and it sometimes works & sometimes doesn't (in my experience). There is a script which will more forcefully make the change for you. The original script was for Eudora, but there's a copy on the page for Emailer as well. It can be used for any application by changing the creator code in the script.

[A] I have the full Communicator version and IC doesn't work. But I've used the script from FogCity, 'Netscape-Emailer Link" by Dan Crevier which is actually for older versions of NN (I think it was written for NN 2.0) but it works fine with NC 4.04.

[A] Even if you don't use IntenetConfig, Netscape Navigator will use what helpers you designate (Emailer, Anarchie, Newswatcher, etc.) once you've set Netscape's preferences to do so (Options Menu -> General Preferences -> Helpers).

[A] URLManagerPro acts as sort of a middleman or catalyst. It has a window in which you can click "Modify Web Browser" to use "Helpers" as opposed to the various selected Netscape features.

[A] Here's an AppleScript that tells Communicator to use Emailer for <mailto:> links.

tell application "Netscape Communicator™"

unregister protocol "CSOm" for protocol "mailto:"

end tell

tell application "Netscape Communicator™"


register protocol "MMan" for protocol "mailto:"

end tell


Communicator must be running before invoking this script. With earlier releases of Communicator, I had to run this script from time to time because Communicator seemed forget. With Communicator 4.04 and 4.05, running the script just once after each installation did the trick.

There is one shortcoming of using Emailer with Communicator -- if Emailer is already running, it does not come to the front. So the new Outgoing Message window may be hidden by other application windows, which can have the appearance of <mailto:> being ignored.


Slowing Down

[Q] Having used Emailer 2.0 from the beginning and having saved a substantial portion of my messages, I notice a slowdown in opening folders and in sorting. At some point aren't things going to grind to a halt? What action will eventually have to be taken?

[A] Emailer caches folder lists in memory to speed up access. If you have a lot of messages in the folders you use often, you will see a slowdown once the cache is full and Emailer has to access the disk. There are 3 things you can do:

1. Increase the memory allocation in the Finder Get Info

2. Move old messages into archive folders within Emailer

Keep the folders you work with (In Box, Out Box, ...) fairly empty.

3. Delete the messages from Emailer (after archiving them if desired)

Slow Unpacking

[Q] Netscape mail would come in from the server and be ready to go. Emailer does this "unpacking" thing that can take a real long time when there are a bunch of messages from this list, for example. What is going on?

[A] Each message is downloaded into a temporary file; it is then processed and placed into the database; this is when mail actions are triggered and enclosures separated into their individual files and (when appropriate)

[A] I had this experience earlier after I installed one of the anti-spam mail actions from Fog City's archive. It seemed to take several minutes to unpack. I disabled that mail action, and unpacking was done in only a few seconds.

[A] One thing about mail actions; they are executed in the order in which they appear in the list of actions, so if you put the spam action first, every message has to be processed by it; if it is last, then only those messages which fail all the other actions are processed by it.

Sort by Date

[Q] When I was using 1.1v3, the mail in my In Box and other folders started with the oldest at the top and then moved forward in time. I find I'd rather not be responding to my messages in reverse order to when they were sent. Is there a way to change this default?

[A] Yes you can. First click on the date cell heading in the browser. (Make sure the date column is selected.) Then click on the pyramid type icon/button in the upper right hand corner of the browser. Successive clicks on the pyramid will reverse the sort.

Sorting Mail

[Q] After reading main in my Inbox, I'd like mail to be deleted to go to Deleted mail, and read mail to be moved to Read mail.

[A] If you delete the item by any of the numerous ways available (command-D, click on trash button, control-option [ or ], option click right pointing arrow at top left of message window), the mail will go to the Deleted folder.

If you don't delete it, (i.e. just close the window, arrow to next item, etc.), you can set a preference under "Incoming Messages" to have it go to the Read mail folder or some other choices.

See Shortcuts

[A] Get EmailTools. Actually, you'd be using two different buttons on the ET tool bar--one for Delete (move to Deleted mail in this case), and a File button, but each one would only require a click to accomplish what you want.

Sorting Sent Mail

[Q] Is there any way to auto-sort after replied to? (So that all of my new e-mail is placed in the Inbox and as I reply to them, the messages leave the inbox and are put in the folders the belong in?

[A] No. But there is an even better solution. Set up your mail filters to put everything where it belongs and select the auto-file log entry option in the mail actions dialog.

Now, all your mail is auto-filed - but you still have access to all new mail in one folder as emailer places aliases to each auto-filed mail into an auto-file folder. Very smart.

The final efficiency which I use is to use a script called reply in this folder ©1998 by Sascha Welter <>, get it at

Sorting Messages

[Q] Can you sort by the read/unread status?

[A] You can do this by clicking on the little envelope header and it will sort by read status and also if you have replied to it or not.

Stripping Weird Characters

[Q] How do I make sure that what I see on my screen ends up on destination screen same way, regardless of their online service, platforms, email programs etc. It there one way for all occasions as far as me sending out >emails. I need my apostrophes, equal signs, dashes.

[A] About the only way to do this currently is to use only 7-bit ASCII characters. Typically, on the Mac, typing one of the "problematic" 8-bit, or high, ASCII characters would entail using the option key.

When you include previously composed text, which I suspect is the cause of the problem in the examples you've given, you could run the existing text through BBEdit, which has a "Zap 'Gremlins'" command that'll go through the text and replace any high ASCII characters with a distinctive character (the default is a bullet) so you can substitute appropriate 7-bit characters. Some other text editors & utilities include a "Stupefy" command that'll replace high ASCII characters with 7-bit equivalents.

= signs

[Q] I receive the digest and some of the messages have = signs the mail. How can I get rid of these?

[A] Get the script "Decode QP Message". It is part of a collection called "Dan's Sample Scripts" and as it says on the package: "These are the definitive AppleScripts for Emailer 2.0. This is a must download."

Temp Incoming Lockups

[Q] I've got a bunch of files named "Internet Incoming" and "Internet Incoming#XXXX" that I know contains unread mail, but I can't seem to get Emailer to read without locking up.

[A] Open the "temp Incoming folder" and sort the display in list format by date with newest file at top. Remove the newest file from the folder and then start Emailer. Emailer takes the mail in message by message as separate files and then processes them in most recently received order, so the 'newest' message in the folder is the offender ...

See Corruption/Crashes/Freezes:Quits While Unpacking Mail and Error Messages for more info.


[Q] Can I open URLs from Claris Emailer?

[A] Yes. You need to install the Internet Config System.

See the section on Internet Config for complete details.

Using FileMaker Pro to Store Messages Also See Archive

[Q] If Emailer stores it's files in a database of it's own, this just refers to saving disk space, right? Otherwise why use FileMaker to store Emailer letters?.

[A] Here's some of the reasons I do it:

[Q] Using Dan Crevier's Emailer archive into FM Pro, is there a way to preserve long header info into the database? All I see imported are the basics (to, from, cc, date, time).

[A] You could modify the scripts and the database to add the field. It wouldn't be too hard, but I don't think I'll do it for the official release.

[Q] I noticed upon importing a second batch of email that it doesn't automatically sort by date. Is there a way to do this that I've missed out on??

[A] Click on the date header to sort by date...


Vacation Mail

[Q] Someone offered up a mail action for a vacation notice that would skip replying to mail lists messages. How do I do this?

[A] Not a Mail action (although you Could make one) It is a preference.

Setup -> Preferences -> Mail Actions and check "Do not automatically reply to mailing lists." Your mail actions will work normally and won't send replies to mailing lists as long as the list has a Precedence header.

That said, it is not a bad idea to make a mail action as well (some mail lists -- esp. the small user-based ones-- will not be recognized by Emailer. Here is my mail action to avoid this problem:

First off, go ahead and set up your "Vacation" Mail action (that sends out a auto reply to all your incoming email) then...

Create a GROUP (let's call it "NoAutoReply") that has all the addresses of your mail lists (and any other folks that you DO NOT want to send auto replies to) and set up the mail action thusly:

Any recipient is in specific Group "NoAutoReply"

Test if True: Do Not apply actions

Test If False: Apply Actions

Define Action as "Auto Reply To Message" and then click on the Edit button and enter your text (usually of the form "Hi I am on vacation until 3/30, please write back later if it is important" or whatever :)

Cool trick:

Create a group called "Close friends" (or whatever) that is a list of friends and family.

Create another mail action as above but substitute "Close Friends" as the Group.

For the Auto Reply text put in a note like: " Hi All! We are up at the lake - you can call us on our cell phone (222-1234) if you need us.

This way all your mail from lists (and whoever else is in the "NoAutoReply" group) gets NO auto reply email.

All your business email and such gets the cordial "I am not at my computer right now" auto reply.


All your friends & family get a special auto reply that tells them how to get in contact with you!

Warning set vacation mail actions carefully.

(This is a really nice response)

The names have been changed to protect the innocent....

Thank you for your Email message. This is an automated reply.

I am out of the office May 21st thru May 27th.



Pssssssst!!! hey JDoe!!!

After you finish blushing AND writing that email apology letter to the list...Grins ...check out THIS feature!


Click on the MAIL ACTIONS preference...

Make sure the "Do not automatically reply to mailing lists" check box is checked

Save your preferences...



p.s. You can stop blushing now :)

Version 1 Missing

[Q] Where can I find 2.0v1?

A] Claris Emailer version 2.0 is also known as 2.0v1.

Version 1 Problems "CANNOT OPEN IN BOX"

[Q] I tend to keep a lot of my incoming mail. One day, I was not able open Emailer .Everytime I do, I got the message "CANNOT OPEN IN BOX- NOT ENOUGH MEMORY." The IN BOX is 2.6 MB large, with over 800 messages the last time I checked.

My standard system is a Quadra 660av with system 7.55, with 36 mgs RAM,without virtual memory. The version of Emailer I use is 1.1v3.

I suppose I could reinstall the program, but I've got an extensive set of address books,

I was also interested in transferring my extensive address books and some incoming mail I'd like to read/ save as text files. I wanted to export them to Filemaker, where I have my own database templates, but couldn't figure it out.

[A] Try this: With Emailer quit, pull your "In Box" file from the "Claris Emailer Files" folder and put it in a safe place (the desktop will work). Open Emailer again (another In Box will be created). Take this time to Export your addresses. Then quit Emailer and pull out your address book and put it on the desktop.

As for creating text files from your saved messages - I've recently tried two programs: Digester 1.28 which needs another program, Easy View (2.62 is the newest), and TextArchiver 1.5b3.sit (which works alone). I've personally settled on Digester cause of 'easy viewing' with Easy View". The files created are plain text - readable in any word processor.

Clean out most of your Emailer files in the above manner and then put your original In Box back in place. You may have enough memory to open the In Box in the Browser now.

[A] I have Emailer 1.1v3 as well. I just exported my addressbook (choose export addresses under file menu) and then opened the file from within ClarisWorks (I have 4.0v6), which opened the info in spread sheet form. This was not quite what I wanted, so I opened the original export file by dragging over BBEdit Lite to see the text. The text is tab delineated - good for import to FileMaker (I just checked and cleaned it up a little).

Warning Message Missing

[Q] When I delete messages now (as opposed to the delete/next keystroke) I don't get a dialog box asking me if I'm sure, even though I have this checked in the preferences.

[A] A warning is no longer given when deleting messages, since it is not permanent (they are just put in the deleted mail folder). You now only get them for more permanent actions.

[A] The confirmation when deleting messages (i.e., moving them to the deleted-mail folder) was removed; many people requested that it be removed); also, deleting a contact from an outgoing message no longer invokes the confirmation dialog. All other deletions (including deleting from the deleted-mail folder) get the dialog. This is, of course, assuming that the confirm deletions preference is turned on.

[A] In v3, deleting a message (except from the deleted mail folder) and deleting an address from an outgoing message ignore the confirm setting.

In all other cases, you can override the confirm setting by holding down the option key when pressing the delete key, clicking on the delete icon, or choosing delete from the Edit menu.


There is a Y2K problem with Emailer 2.0v1 and v2, but not with v3. I don't know about 1.0 or 1.1, though; we didn't test them.

Interestingly, the problem happens only for the years 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003; from 2004 onward, it works properly.

When I saw the years involved, I told the rest of the team that I thought that this was a result of the Macintosh system clock beginning with Jan 1, 2020. The software engineer who fixed the bug told me that I was right.



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