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Sample EmailTools Toolbar

Note this is just an example. EmailTools can be custom designed to suit your needs. You can also have a vertical bar instead of the horizontal bar.

Customizing the EmailTools Palette


EmailTools has several options so you can make it easier for you to work with the palette. Many of the options are set from the EmailTools menu, which is the small button with a blue triangle (on bottom left of toolbar).


Click and hold on this button to see the menu options available. You can have large or small buttons, show the name of the button along with the icon, change the behavior of the palette when you click on the "Close Box", and several other options. The best way to see the effects of these is to experiment, and see what looks best to you.


You can change the orientation of EmailTools (i.e., from horizontal to vertical, and vice versa) and the number of rows/columns by using the Grow Box. If the Grow Box is not visible, select "Show Grow Box" from the EmailTools menu. Put the mouse cursor over the Grow Box, and click and hold down on the mouse button. You can now drag the palette into a vertical orientation, or make it wider or narrower. When you let go of the mouse button, if you've tried to set the palette larger or smaller than it needs to be, it will be resized to better fit the buttons.

You can move buttons around by holding down the Command key while you drag a button. That is, hold down the Command key (the one with an Apple logo on it), then put the mouse cursor over the button you want to move. Now click and hold down the mouse button while you move the button to its new location; let go of the mouse button to place the button.

Two of the menu options may require a little more explanation. These are "Open Button Style Picker" and "Open Divider Style Picker".

The Button Style Picker is a palette that shows the 12 possible "styles" of OneClick buttons. If you select this menu option, then click on one of the buttons on the Button Style Picker palette, all of your buttons on the EmailTools palette will change to the style you've picked. Try out several to see how they look. There is also a Button Style Picker button that you can have on EmailTools.

The Divider Style Picker will let you add dividers to your EmailTools palette so you can group buttons by related functions, or just to make a more pleasing arrangement. Open the Divider Style Picker palette by selecting the menu option.Click to make your selection . All the dividers will change to your selection.


To change a single divider, click on the divider in your toolbar and the Divider Style Picker will popup.

Click to select your choice.Please note there is an "invisible" divider just after the dotted line divider.

You can move dividers around the same way you move other buttons on EmailTools.

To replace Standard Toolbar with EmailTools Toolbar:

(1) Turn off the standard toolbar. Menu bar: Window. Toolbar should not be checked.

(2) Then make sure Restore windows is checked. Menu bar: Setup: Preferences: Default Category: Check Restore Windows.

To learn more about EmailTools see section on EmailTools or visit

Working With the Library

The buttons used by EmailTools are stored in a "library." To access these buttons, you will need to open the EmailTools library. This can be done from the configure menu or from the Open Library button.

When you want to add a button to your EmailTools toolbar, simply drag it from the library to the toolbar. It will be added to the spot where the cursor is.

When you want to remove a button from your EmailTools toolbar, command-drag it off the toolbar. You cannot remove or add buttons to the library.

(description of EmailTools Library from the EmailTools Documentation

EmailTools comes with a special palette, the Library, which has many buttons besides those that come with the basic palette. The Library is divided into five sections, or Tabs:

Connect ToolsMessage ToolsManagement ToolsSetting Tools • Extra Tools.

To access the Library, select Open Library from the EmailTools menu, or, if you have the Library button installed, you can just click on that button.

Click on the different tabs to see the array of buttons available. At the bottom of the Library is a label that says "Live Buttons". To the left of that label is a small, square button. If you click on the small button, a red "x" will appear; click again to make the "x" disappear. While the red "x" is visible, you can test out many of the buttons without adding them to the EmailTools palette; that is, they're "live".


Once you've decided that you want one of these buttons on the EmailTools palette, if Live Buttons is off (i.e., there's no red "x" ) simply drag the button to the EmailTools palette then let go of the mouse. To drag a button, place the mouse cursor over the button, then click and hold down the mouse button while you move the mouse; the button will follow along with your movement.

If Live Buttons is on (i.e., there is a red "x"), you need to hold down the Command key (the one with the Apple logo) while you drag the button to the EmailTools palette.

In either case, before letting go of the mouse button, make sure the button is approximately where you want it to be on the EmailTools palette. You may not be able to place it exactly where you want it, but you can move it once it's been placed (see "Customizing the EmailTools Palette" for help with this).


Connect Tools Library

Message Tools Library


Management Tools Library

Settings Tools Library

Extra Tools Library


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