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AOL Exit Strategy

[Q] I just started using Emailer to check my AOL email. I've got everything up and running w/one exception, my old offline AOL email. Does anyone know a good/easy way to import it into Emailer? I already selected all the mail still on the server, said "Save As New," and picked it up in Emailer but I've got a lot of older stuff too.

[A] Other than one of the "save as text" I am afraid that you are out of luck. You could "resend" the aol mail to yourself, but...

AOL uses a proprietary mail database that does not seem to be accessible through "normal" means. While the AOL software has an applescript dictionary, it does not provide access to the mail database. Sorry.

[A] There were 2 utilities written to export and import (Applescript) Compuserve mail files to Emailer, by Caerwyn Pearce and R Shapiro. None for AOL to Emailer, except for a Fix AOL Headers 1.1 script by David Dean. This places AOL headers into Standard Emailer format and also fixes displayed sender info if AOL screws them up.

Suggestion: If AOL's mail program lets you save, copy or convert the mail to text files, you can send those to yourself as file attachments with your "short" outgoing AOL mail, but use Emailer to get them instead of AOL's mail program. The email would come into Emailer, while the text file attachments would go into Emailer's downloads folder. Then you could open them up with a word processor you may have on board, or SimpleText, or perhaps BB Edit Lite. The Drag and Drop and text clippings capabilities lets you place that text anywhere in programs that support that (which is most) including Emailer's open message sending windows. CopyPaste (shareware) works fine also, with it's 100 clipboards.

Eudora Exit Strategy

[Q] I was using Eudora, how do I get all my accumulated mail from here to Emailer?

[A] Try these scripts available at the Fog City website.

Eumorpha 1.5.4 Eumorpha is an elegant utility which converts Eudora (or equivalent) mailbox files into Claris Emailer. It can also burst some digest formats. Written by Richard Shapiro.

Download this file (109k)

Import/Export 3.1 Import - Eudora -- Import the messages in a Eudora mailbox into the currently selected Emailer folder. Works on both incoming and outgoing messages.

Download this file (43k)

Transfer Eudora Using Import/Export 3.1

[Q] I use Emailer at home , however, at work I used Eudora Lite 1.5.4. Now I have over 1000 old messages that I would like to convert over to Emailer. I can't seem to find any way to do this. I saw Eumorpha but that doesn't work on these versions. I looked through the list archive and didn't find anything. Is there anyway to get this done?

[A] Get these scripts:

Import/Export 3.1 Import - Eudora -- Import the messages in a Eudora mailbox into the currently selected Emailer folder. Works on both incoming and outgoing messages.

Drop the Import Eudora script into your Emailer scripts folder, quit and restart it if you had Emailer running, then use the script to bring in your old mail folders.

This script runs kind of slowly, so if you've got 1,000 messages stored up it would be a good idea to start it at the end of the day and let it run overnight.

Eudora to Emailer Using MailConverter

[Q] I got a "Import-Eudora" script from FogCity for transferring my old Eudora mail, and it worked on every Eudora mailbox I had except one. The 2 MB mailbox, the one I want most. The script apparently runs in some fashion: it ties up the processor, gives no visual indication of running, and finally just quits. No new messages created.

Can anyone possibly guess what's going on? Does anyone know of another script I could try? (the one I got was part of an import/export set, was written by R Shapiro, based on scripts written by Dan Crevier).

[A] When I switched to Emailer from Eudora, I didn't take any chances and segmented my Eudora folders into smaller folders. And, I also allocated a lot of extra memory to Emailer when importing the mailboxes. I didn't have any problems at all with importing my messages.

[A] I got MailConverter from AMUG, and just ran the conversion on the .mbx files themselves (I actually had two mailboxes that wouldn't convert). I saved them into different .mbx files, and the script handled those files just fine. Five hundred messages in one file, one hundred and fifty in another: the processing of the big one took a while, but it came through perfectly, as far as I can tell.

So I guess that Eudora's current .mbx format is subtly different from the .mbx that MailConverter spits out, so that the script will prefer MC's over Eudora's.

[A] Here's hoping my story will shed some light for you. I downloaded the same script from the FogCity site, as well as Robert Shapiro's MailConverter. My situation was a bit more complex. I had email saved on multiple computers, ranging from old Emailer files to Outlook/Eudora for pc files. To convert the Outlook files, I saved them as text and ran them through the MailConverter. It created Eudora .mbx files, which I then brought into Emailer through the script. I found that it did not like large files.

If you're having trouble creating smaller mailboxes within Eudora proper, select multiple messages in the browser and save them together as text. Then run the MailConverter on the text file, and run the AppleScript with the newly converted .mbx file.

Also, Eumorpha is supposed to provide similar functionality, but I could never get it to work for me.

Download MailConverter 

Transfer Emailer to Eudora

Emailer2Eudora@ 1.0 (Freeware - 10/25/99)
converts Claris Emailer address books to Eudora address books - 74k

Netscape Exit Strategy

[Q] I have an enormous database of Navigator mail. Is there a way to import Navigator already read mail into Emailer? I tried "import addresses" but we can't make it work right.

[A] Yes. Use two programs in Info-Mac, Mail Converter and Eumorpha, together, to achieve this. Full instructions come with the programs. You might have to increase the memory partition of the two programs to convert all your messages at once, though. Also support for importing Navigator 3 and 4 address books is in 2.0v3.


OutlookExpress Exit Strategy

[Q] Okay, so I wanted to try OE for a little while, just to see what it was like. However, I received quite a few emails while using it that I want to keep in Emailer. It would greatly simplify things to just send the whole database back to Emailer instead of just bits and pieces. Any AppleScripts for this?

[A] I don't know about ALL of it, but you can use the scripts that Dan Crevier wrote. There is one that sends messages back to Emailer. Its on the applescript archive page at

Alternatively, you could export your messages using the Export Eudora script (on my web page ) by R. Shapiro. You can then use the import Eudora script (on the Fog City Page) and import the mail box files that you generated.


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