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Emailer Lite vs v1.1v3

[Q] Is the "Claris Emailer Lite 1.1v4" version better (&/or newer) than "Claris Emailer 1.1v3"

[A] Emailer Lite is the stripped-down version at 1.6 MB versus 2.3 MB. They are about the same vintage, dated 25 Oct 2020 and 23 Sep 2020 respectively. I think the Lite edition originally appeared as part of the Apple Internet Connection Kit. It is designed to handle one Internet account only, whereas Emailer 1.1v3 can cope with five accounts.

The last version released was 2.0v3. A Contextual Menu Plugin was released as beta at the time of the version 3 release.

Version 3 updater

The Version 3 Updater will update Claris Emailer 2.0v1, Claris Emailer 2.0v2, and Claris Emailer 2.0v1 to Claris Emailer 2.0v3

Note: v 2.0 is also known as 2.0v1.

Updates Claris Emailer version 2.0 (also known as 2.0v1) and 2.0v2 to 2.0v3.


2.0v3 Documentation (2,314K)

The documentation (Users Guide and Getting Started) for Claris Emailer 2.0v3.


2.0v3 Help File (1,199K) You will need to download this file only if the Updater fails to update your current version of Claris Emailer Help.


See Problems on updating Help file.

 Download Emailer Contextual plugin here beta

Additional sources of Emailer

June 98 Mac Addict CD has a demo for Emailer 2.0

March 97 MacAddict CD has Emailer 1.1.3

May 98 Mac Addict CD has 2.0v3 update

Emailer 2.0 demo and Emailer 1.1v3 (free) can also be found at the site. Download here

Emailer 1.1v2->1.1v3 Updater can be found on the Stuffit Deluxe 5 CD

Claris Emailer Trial can be found on the ClarisWorks 5 CD

New Features


Cool new MIME stuff in 2.0v3

(By Dan Crevier)


Changes to Address Book


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