Here are the steps to configure Claris Emailer

to properly use CompuServe

    What is this? I've noticed that many people who use Claris Emailer and have CompuServe accounts have Emailer set up to retrieve mail from CIS the standard way; by dialing into a CIS server directly. Which means that if you a) already dial into a normal ISP for other internet mail, b) have an ISDN modem and connection, or c) are on a LAN, then you are wasting time dialing that second number. If you read the FAQ that comes with Emailer, it begins to describe how to do this... but is missing steps and seems incomplete. Almost as if the author forgot to finish! So, it took me a while to figure out how to do this, and once I did felt it was worth sharing with the world.

    The end result. You should be able to dial into your normal ISP, or just while sitting on your LAN, get your CompuServe E-mail without having to make any other connections, just as you can get your regular internet and AOL mail.

    If you have any questions or find errors in these instructions, please let me know. Similarly if this makes your life easier, I'd love to hear about it! My link is at the bottom of this page.

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  1. Your life will be easier if you print this document out before working with it. You can also download (*.hqx, 287k) this entire file in PDF version if you prefer.

  2. The tools you need for this are called the "Black Night Connection Set", and can be found at I should mention at this point that I have NOTHING to do with Mr. Swan, the author of these little gems. So if you have problems with my tutorial, don't complain to him about it. Among what you download, you will find a folder called "Connection Tools". Enclosed in this folder is the extension you want to install; the Black Night Telnet Tool.

Connection Tools

  1. Drag this file onto your System Folder. Your computer asks you if you want it placed in the Extensions folder. Click OK.

  2. Restart your computer.

  3. Once your computer has completely restarted, open a PPP Connection (connect to the internet like you normally would).

  4. Once you are connected, launch Claris Emailer.

  5. Under Setup menu, choose Service Providers. The Service Providers List window opens.

  6. Double click on "CompuServe".

  7. The window Service Entry: CompuServe opens. You want to make it look the same as it does below.

    1. Make sure Connect to this service is enabled.

    2. Under Connection type: select Mac Comm Toolbox Connection.

    3. Under Network: select Internet.

    4. Click the Configure button.

Service Entry: CompuServe

  1. A window opens that says Connection Settings in the top left corner, and under that it says Method:. To the right of Method: is a pop up menu. Click this, and select Black Night Telnet Tool. The window should change to look like it does below. Again you need to make your window look just like this one.

    1. Next to Host:, type in

    2. Make sure Port: says 4144

    3. Make sure that Use Telnet Protocol is not selected.

    4. Make sure that the Expert Settings are as they are here (they should be by default).

Connection Settings Dialog

  1. Click OK in this box and click Done in the Service Entry: CompuServe box. Close the Service Providers window.

  2. Under the Window menu, select Connection Status. A small window will appear titled Connection: Idle. Move this window near the top of your screen where you can see it clearly.

Connection Window

  1. Click the Connect Now button in the Emailer Toolbar (top left of your screen; see picture), and select CompuServe and any other accounts you want to connect to (AOL, regular internet accounts, etc.). Click Connect.

Connect Button

  1. You will see this window pop up. For now, click Later. You will have to register the software to get a registration code.

Registration Code Entry

  1. Watch the Connection Status window. As Emailer attempts to connect to your accounts, this window will display connection information. Specifically, you should see information about it connecting to CompuServe, sending and receiving mail, and then disconnecting. It will also connect to your other accounts, and display information about them as well.

  2. Congratulations! That's it. You need to register this software to get a registration code. There is an application in the "Black Night Connection Set" folder called "Register". Don't be a weenie. REGISTER the software!

Register Icon

  1. Launch this and follow the registration instructions. The one you want to register is called Telnet Tool, and costs $15. (At the time of this writing, at least).

Registration Application


written by: Joseph Linaschke

Think different

Created entirely on a PowerBook G3