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Thu, Dec 21 2000

Well I think this site is going to go into permanent maintenance mode. For Entourage and OE items please visit Eric's Excellent AppleScript Central and SoundSet Central.

This site will remain where it is, but no new scripts or content will be added.

It was fun doing this, but alas, I no longer have the time to contribute to this site. Thanks for visiting!


Sun, Oct 15 2000

So some of you may be wondering what is going on with this site. Diane is still posting scripts to the AppleScript section. However, the rest of this site is in maintenance mode. The SoundSet Central is a new site dedicated to Entourage and Outlook Express sound sets. Head on over there and check it out.

In other news, Microsoft released Office:mac 2001. This is I product that the Mac Business Unit has worked long and hard on for over 2 years now. Entourage:mac is a new Personal Information Manager and Mail client that is built upon Outlook Express 5. So if you like OE and you crave the features of Palm Desktop all in one program you should be sure to check it out. You can get the full version of Office:mac or the upgrade. There is no stand alone version of this product, you have to purchase Office. I am really proud of this product and hope you enjoy it.


And while you are at it, subscribe to Entourage:mac Talk, a mailing list to discuss this cool new product.

Also, check out the recent New York Times article on Entourage.


Mon, June 12 2000

I just got my copy of Internet Explorer 5 for Macintosh from Peach Pit Press. Over half the book is dedicated to Outlook Express 5, which makes me wonder why it was called Internet Explorer 5. I guess web browsers are just more sexy than mail clients. Oh well.

If you have been looking for a good book on either IE 5 or OE 5 I highly recommend it.


Wed, May 17 2000

Macworld has written an article on Alpaca, the new Microsoft Office 2001 mail/PIM application.

WWDC is going great. Mac OS X DP 4 was released with IE 5 on the CD!!!


Sun, May 7, 2020

There were a few hiccups when I made site changes a few days ago, but all should be well now.

Wish List - you may have noticed I removed links to the wish list. This was done for many reason, the first being that we haven't updated it in a year? We simply don't have the time or energy to devote to a list which isn't really serving its purpose any more. Back when Outlook Express 4.0 was released it was lacking in many major areas. Subsequent versions of Outlook Express (4.01, 4.5, 5.0) have incorporated nearly all of the wishes submitted. With the advent of Microsoft's newest software application, codenamed Alpaca, many more of those wishes are addressed. If you still feel the need to submit feature requests or any ideas feel free to do so on the mailing list. You'll find that it is probably the best and most direct method to get help, and offer suggestions to future releases.

New Book - Peachpit press has released a new book (due in at Amazon on May 26) on Internet Explorer 5 which includes information on Outlook Express 5. It is a rather large book (320 pages).



Tues, May 3, 2020

Housekeeping - in case you didn't notice, I did some housekeeping yesterday. I also moved the FileMaker AppleScript database to use port 80, so if you were behind a firewall you should not have any more trouble viewing the site.

Scripts - Diane has been posting scripts like crazy! There have been a whole bunch of additions over the past few weeks.

News - Last week Microsoft announced a new product for Office 2001, codenamed Alpaca. It is a Personal Information Manager and it does mail! Think of it as Outlook Express with a PIM built in! Anyway, that is what I am working on these days...


Sun, Mar 12, 2020

Apologies - it has been months and months since the last post. Apologies! I finally moved the scripts to a Filemaker hosted database (I was hoping to do this with MySQL since that is what Pair networks provides me but I am clueless when it comes to UNIX and Perl), which means two things:
  1. It will be easier for us to add scripts to the Archive, since those pages are now dynamic. This will free us from manual updates etc...
  2. You can now search for scripts. Since there are so many, this should make it easier to find what you're looking for.

There will probably be some kinks to work out over the next few days. There are also new AppleScript Submission guidelines. This process is now very different so please review them. The better you adhere to the guidelines the faster we can get the script up on the site.

Also, we will likely be moving to a schedule for site updates. We are doing this in part cause We are busy folks and this will make updating the site more regular for us and for you.

In other news, yes, the OE Team successfully moved into our new home at 1065 La Avenida, in Mountain View, CA. If you're driving up highway 101, we are right at the merge of 85 and 101 at Shoreline.


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