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About this Page

About Me

Well this is the official launch of my page. I created this page due to my great appreciation and fondness for Claris Em@iler. While the future of Em@iler remains unclear, Microsoft Outlook Express has some great promise.

There are many improvements that can make OE an even better product and I have faith in the excellent development team working on the future of this wonderful product. As many Em@iler users know, there were numerous scripts that people contributed to enhance Em@iler. This is what made it such a great product. I will try to emulate what Fog City Software (the original developers of Em@iler and currently developers of LetterRip) did by maintaining an archive of an Outlook Express AppleScripts.

I will attempt to "port" as many of the scripts as possible from Em@iler to Outlook and hopefully others will contribute. I look forward to making this a great resource for enhancing Outlook Express.

I encourage you to join The Outlook Express Mailing List or participate in Microsoft's public newsgroup microsoft.public.internet.mail.mac. I will try to keep a wish list and update a FAQ on this page. Who knows, maybe Microsoft is listening.

-Omar Shahine

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