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1. Why should I download Outlook Express?

Simply put, Outlook Express is a great mail/news reader. It offers support for such protocols as POP, IMAP, NNTP, LDAP and takes up very little RAM. It is small, fast and elegant. Best of all it is FREE! If you don't believe me check out Microsoft's OE.

2. Where is the spell checker?

Outlook Express supports a spell checker, but you must have Microsoft Office 98 installed. The spell checker in Office 98 is wonderful and dynamically checks your spelling as you type. This is great for people who are to lazy to check spelling Additionally, there are third party spell checkers available such as Spell Catcher, Spellswell, Online Army Knife (OAK) after they have written an email. and Excalibur (freeware).

3. I installed Office 98, but the spell checker doesn't work. What's wrong?

Sometimes OE has a hard time /"seeing/" the proofing tools folder. Here is a work-around 1) Quit OE 2) Move the entire "Proofing Tools" folder from inside the Office '98 folder (Microsoft Office'98:Shared Applications:Proofing Tools) into the Outlook Express 4.0 folder. The "Proofing Tools" folder must be at the same level as the Outlook Express 4.01 application inside of the "Outlook Express 4.0" folder. 3) Launch OE. The spelling pieces will be recognized inside the "Outlook express 4.0" folder and should load. 4) Quit OE. 5) Move the entire "Proofing Tools" folder back into it's original location inside the Microsoft Office '98 folder. 6) Launch OE again, and spelling should work.

4. Is there a way to subscribe to word services in OE 4?

OE supports background spelling using Office '98. It's really nifty, but you have to have Office. OE also supports the GetText() and PutText() AppleEvents, so it should work with 3rd party spell check software.

5. Why do I get this error message "The preferences file could not be opened. An error has occurred."?

You probably have the Internet Config Random Signature extension in your system folder. OE 4.0a and 4.0c are currently incompatible with this extension. You must remove them from the extensions folder and restart the computer.

This problem is fixed in version 4.01 of Outlook Express

6. How can I order the folder list?

You cannot in version 4.0a or 4.0c

This problem is fixed in version 4.01 of Outlook Express

7. Do I really have to re-create all the folders (and their corresponding rules) I painstakingly created in MS Mail & News 3.0?

Actually, you can just copy over your entire "Internet Mail" folder from IMN 3.0 to the appropriate user's folder in "OE Users" (you might want to make a copy to be safe). Unfortunately, OE won't import the Rules because the Rules architecture was changed substantially between IMN and OE, but all the mail folders will come across just fine.

8. Does OE for the Mac work with a Microsoft Exchange Server?

You need version 5.5 of the exchange server and the Exchange server must be configured to allow POP/IMAP access.

9. Which files should I backup to have a backup of rules and messages?

You should backup the OE Users folder that is located in the Outlook Express Folder.

10. Why does OE print a black background when I try printing a message?

Check the "Print" options under "Color Matching" for Color/Grayscale printing. OE expects you to print Color/Grayscale in support of HTML mail/News. Many users still send basic text, although rich text sometimes.

Another problem may be that Outlook Express does not get along with the current LaserWriter driver (8.5.1). Try using an older version.

11. How do I set IE as preferred browser when responding to web pages imbedded in OE e-mail.?

Open the Preferences in OE. Select Protocol Helpers. Make sure the http protocol is set to use Internet Explorer.

12. How do I access my company's Exchange Directory Services via LDAP?

See Using Exchange Directory Services via LDAP on the Tips & Tricks Page

13. When I click on the preferences buttons, or select preferences from the edit menu nothing happens. Why?

Microsoft has recently found a conflict with the Now DateBook Pro extension. Disabling this extensions fixes the problem.

14. Why does OE crash when I click on the Advanced button in the account preferences?

This is a known bug with the Apple Speech software. Diabling the Speech Manager control panel and Extensions should resolve the problem.

15. Why will my computer not exit the Internet if I am connected to "Outlook Express" when I click on "Offline Browsing"?

There are a number of ways to disconnect from the Internet. Selecting Work Offline is not one of those. The iMac ships with Apple Remote Access. To disconnect you have a few options.
1) On your control strip there is a little icon of a Mac with a telephone pole. You can disconnect from this control strip.
2) In the Apple Menu there is an Application called Remote Access Status. You can disconnect using this application.
3) In the Control Panels folder there is a Remote Access Control Panel that you can also use to disconnect from the Internet.
4) You can download my OT/PPP scripts scripts from the AppleScript Archive to automate connecting, downloading your mail, and disconnecting.
5) You can use my share ware application Schedule OE to set up schedules to connect, get your mail, and disconnect from the Internet.

16. Does outlook express support any free PGP implementations? Is there a pluggin?

At this time no it does not. However you should ask the folks at Network Associates if they would create plug-ins for Outlook Express.

17. I have a NT box at work with Exchange on it and was hoping to import the Personal Address Book into OE for Mac. Is there a way?

There is no direct way of importing them in but you can save from Windows the address book as a tab delimited text file. Then in Mac OE create a contact and then export your contacts as a text file. Open the text file and notice the header at the top and the example contact you created and the tabs needed for each field. You can then munge your Windows exported file to match this. If you open the files in Excel it might be easier to do this.

You can then import the file into MacOE. Sorry that there is no direct way yet but this is the workaround. (thanks Steve Friesen)

18. Where can I download OE 4.01?

19. Where can I download the Outlook Client for Exchange?

20. Can Outlook Express can be set to retrieve / send mail through Exchange Server on NT?

Yes, you can use OE through eithe a POP or IMAP connection. Make sure you are running Exchange 5.5 or later.

21. How can I get the mail sounds for OE as sound files?

Download the sound files from:

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