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1. How do I get OE to access my AOL account the way Claris Emailer can?

OE is an "Internet" mail client. AOL does supports its own proprietary system. OE does not support AOL mail. Emailer supports AOL mail because the developers chose to include the necessary work and code (from AOL) and implemented this feature. Microsoft has no plans to do so in OE.

2. Is there a way to get OE to speak mail like in Claris Emailer?

You can do this via an AppleScript. There is one available on the AppleScript Archive

3. Is there a way to import and export Eudora and Claris email?

Eudora and Emailer messages can be imported from the file menu of OE (File-->Import). Eudora Messages can be exported via R Shapiro's scripts

4. Why am I having problems importing Eudora Contacts?

Because Eudora's nicknames file does not distinguish between individual contacts and mailing lists, OE has to make a heuristic determination (i.e. guess) during import as to which particular aliases are contacts and which are mailing lists. Some cases are easy to determine, such as an entry with a single address in the form "", or an entry that contains multiple addresses that appear to be other nicknames, as in "Bob, John, Betty." Other cases are not so obvious, such as "," Is this a contact with multiple addresses, or a mailing list? The fact of the matter is that during import we have no way to know for sure, and needless to say, sometimes OE is going to guess wrong.

5. What's the best way to transfer Emailer version 1.X messages to Outlook?

There was very limited scripting support in Emailer 1.X. The best bet is to download the Emailer 2.0 trial, convert from 1.X and then export the messages using Dan's AppleScripts.

Unfortunately, the Emailer 2.0 demo is no longer available. However there is another solution. You can download the Emailer 1.0x import package, which includes a program called Mail Converter and an AppleScript, both are written by R.Shapiro an

6. What's the best way to transfer Emailer addresses to Outlook?

One way is to export the addresses for Emailer (from the File menu) and then import them into OE as tab-delimited text. This method may require that you futz around in a tex editor like BBEdit or Tex-Edit. I have found that this works, albeit with a few anomalies.

7. Is there a way to turn off auto-quoting?

You can do this in the OE Preferences.

8. When replying, how do you prevent the header info (To:, From:, etc.) from being included?

If you choose Internet style reply, it won't be included. You can do this in the OE preferences.

9. Why am I having problems sending mail. My ISP is

Unfortunately there is a conflict with the MAC version of Outlook. In order to successfully send mail from it, where it asks for the smtp server, you need to put the IP address of the smtp server. However when you place a particular IP address in there, you will being using that one in particular so if it is having problems you will not be able to send. You would then have to try a different IP. You can get the IP by doing an nslookup in the shell for

Here are the four IP's for,,,

10. Can I have separate folders to sort my incoming mail?

Yes. Select File->New->New Folder

11. How can I import Cyberdog mailboxes into OE?

Not possible, Cyberdog's mail format is as closed as they come. However some users have reported that dragging a message from Cyberdog to the desktop and modifying those files to a Eudora format can work.

12. Why does OE download the messages over and over again when I have the option to ignore previously read mail enabled?

Most likely because your POP server doesn't set the /"Status: R/" header when a message has been read by a mail client. Claris Emailer uses UIDL, which keeps track of whether YOUR PARTICULAR Mac (or PC or whatever) has read it; the "Status: R" header is global, but not all servers support it. Nor do all servers support UIDL, but most modern ones do. If you make your POP account "online" in the OE "Advanced" page, then OE supposedly will use UIDL instead of "Status: R" to determine message read/unread status. But I think that "online" and "check mail every N minutes" may not go well together.

13. Why can't I see my INBOX folder on the IMAP server?

You have probably setup a Root Directory in the Advanced Prefs of the IMAP account. There was a bug found in OE that if you set up a root directory then we do not look for the Inbox at the main root but rather at the directory that you setup as the root. So if you set up as a root directory "~mail" then we look for all folders at "~mail/" and also for "~mail/Inbox" rather than looking for "Inbox" and all folders in "~mail/"

14. Why do I get a message about characters not being displayed When I read my mail in PINE?

OE labels all its Western messages as "ISO-8859-1". Technically this should not be a problem since ASCII is a strict subset of 8859-1. However, some mailers complain about the 8859 label, so the next version of OE will label messages as US-ASCII if that's all the message contains.

15. How do you get all of the names of a given mailing list to show up in an outgoing message (in the To:, Cc:, or Bcc: windows)?

You can accomplish this by using the send later feature of OE. Create your message, address it to the group, then send it later (the message will be saved to your outbox). Open the message from the outbox and edit the list of recipients.

16. Why is there a delay when OE sends mail? Eudora does this much faster.

This is fixed in OE 4.5.

17. How do you get OE to use attribution lines? ("So-and-so wrote:")

Download R Shapiro's scripts which include AppleScripts that allow for attribution lines.

18. How do I import mail and contacts from the Windows version of Outlook Express?

For contacts you can just export your contacts (using either the default fields or all fields) from Win OE and import as text in MacOE (the import option says "tab-delimited," but comma-separated will also work.) Right now there is no way to import mail from Win OE unless someone has devised some kind of script to do it.

However, if you have access to an IMAP sever, you could store your mail on the server using the Windows OE version and retrieve it using the Mac OE version

19. I am having problems recieving complex HTML mail from Infoseek. What's wrong?

Recently, a bug was discovered in OE. If you have OE's memory partition set about 10,000 K you may experience problems with HTML mail that uses the ActiveX Control. You can fix this problem by setting OE's memory partition below 10,000 K

20. Why do I keep getting the following error message when sending mail: "invalid RFC syntax for".

Your ISP is using a IMAIL server. OE 4.01 supports the EHLO command in SMTP where previous versions only did HELO in SMTP. The IMAIL server has a bug where if you connect with a EHLO command and you send a Mail FROM: command and there is a space between the colon and the address then it refuses the mail from being sent. This does not happen if you connect with a HELO command (no way for a user to set this in OE).

21. How do I get OE to delete messages from the POP server after I've deleted them at the OE end?

Currently, the only way to do this is to use Online Access for the POP Account. This option can be set from the Advanced Preferences of the EmailAccount. (6/27/98)

22. Why can't I send mail direct without it going into the Outbox first? General Preferences 'send mail immediately' is checked.

Make sure that Work Offline is not enabled. You can view this from the File Menu.

23. How do I get outlook to forward with full headers?

Download R Shapiro's scripts.

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