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General Questions

1)Q: Why should I download Outlook Express?
2)Q: Where is the spell checker?
3)Q: I installed Office 98, but the spell checker doesn't work. What's wrong?
4)Q: Is there a way to subscribe to word services in OE 4?
5)Q: Why do I get this error message "The preferences file could not be opened. An error has occurred."?
6)Q: How can I order the folder list?
7)Q: Do I really have to re-create all the folders (and their corresponding rules) I painstakingly created in MS Mail & News 3.0?
8)Q: Does OE for the Mac work with a Microsoft Exchange Server?
9)Q: Which files should I backup to have a backup of rules and messages?
10)Q: Why does OE print a black background when I try printing a message?
11)Q: How do I set IE as preferred browser when responding to web pages imbedded in OE e-mail.?
12)Q: How do I access my company's Exchange Directory Services via LDAP?
13)Q: When I click on the preferences buttons, or select preferences from the edit menu nothing happens. Why?
14)Q: Why does OE crash when I click on the Advanced button in the account preferences?
15)Q: Why will my computer not exit the Internet if I am connected to "Outlook Express" when I click on "Offline Browsing"?
16)Q: Does outlook express support any free PGP implementations? Is there a pluggin?
17)Q: I have a NT box at work with Exchange on it and was hoping to import the Personal Address Book into OE for Mac. Is there a way?
18)Q:Where can I download OE 4.01?
19)Q:Where can I download the Outlook Client for Exchange?
20)Q:Can Outlook Express can be set to retrieve / send mail through Exchange Server on NT?
Q:How can I get the mail sounds for OE as sound files?

Mail Questions

1)Q: How do I get OE to access my AOL account the way Claris Emailer can?
2)Q: Is there a way to get OE to speak mail like in Claris Emailer?
3)Q: Is there a way to import and export Eudora and Claris email?
4)Q: Why am I having problems importing Eudora Contacts?
5)Q: What's the best way to transfer Emailer version 1.X messages to Outlook?
6)Q: What's the best way to transfer Emailer addresses to Outlook?
7)Q: Is there a way to turn off auto-quoting?
8)Q: When replying, how do you prevent the header info (To:, From:, etc.) from being included?
9)Q: Why am I having problems sending mail. My ISP is
10)Q: Can I have separate folders to sort my incoming mail?
11)Q: How can I import Cyberdog mailboxes into OE?
12)Q: Why does OE download the messages over and over again when I have the option to ignore previously read mail enabled?
13)Q: Why can't I see my INBOX folder on the IMAP server?
14)Q: Why do I get a message about characters not being displayed When I read my mail in PINE?
15)Q: How do you get all of the names of a given mailing list to show up in an outgoing message (in the To:, Cc:, or Bcc: windows)?
16)Q: Why is there a delay when OE sends mail? Eudora does this much faster.
17)Q: How do you get OE to use attribution lines? ("So-and-so wrote:")
18)Q: How do I import mail and contacts from the Windows version of Outlook Express?
19)Q: I am having problems recieving complex HTML mail from Infoseek. What's wrong?
20)Q: Why do I keep getting the following error message when sending mail: "invalid RFC syntax for".
21)Q: How do I get OE to delete messages from the POP server after I've deleted them at the OE end?
22)Q: Why can't I send mail direct without it going into the Outbox first? General Preferences 'send mail immediately' is checked.
23)Q: How do I get outlook to forward with full headers?

News Questions

1)Q: I am having trouble downloading the newsgroup list from my ISP...Whats wrong?
2)Q: How do you download binaries with Outlook Express? It was very simple in "Mail and News"
3)Q: How do I get the newsreader to mark ALL messages as read?
4)Q: When posting to a newsgroup how can you change which 'mail account' the message comes from?

AppleScript Questions

1)Q: What are AppleScripts?
2)Q: How do I install Applescripts?
3)Q: How can I create Applescripts?
4)Q: How do I AppleScript an attachment to OE? (thanks Russ Alman)
5)Q:How do I assign Command Keys equivalents to AppleScripts?

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