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Tips & Tricks for Outlook Express

All about Encoding

Find out what all the different encoding mechanisms are about.
Beginners' Tutorials for Outlook Express 5.0
Jeff Overton has prepared a series of tutorials on OE 5 that should be a big help to beginners. Topics include "Setting Up and Importing," "Mail Rules," "Labeling, Sorting, and Scripts," "Preferences," "Using the Address Book and Creating New Mail." "Maitainence," and "FAQ."
Check Names Feature
Learn about the Check Names feature of OE 4.01 (by Omar Shahine).
Installing Outlook Express 5.0
Deborah Shadovitz has prepared a great tutorial on installing OE 5.
Managing your OE Users Folder
Tips for managing your OE users folder in a different location. (by Robert S. Meyers).
Redirect Feature
Learn the advantages of the Redirect feature (by Reeves Little).
Using Exchange Directory Services via LDAP
Learn how to access your Exchange Directory Services via LDAP. (contributions by Bob Williams & Steve Friesen).
Using Location Manager with Outlook Express 5.0
Matt Ridley has prepared an unbelievable tutorial on taking advantage of OE 5's Location Manager integration. If you move around a lot or if you have multiple dial-up accounts or network connections, this is a must-read. To accompany the tutorial, Matt has provided a template AppleScript that allows one to check/send only certain accounts, depending on one's location.
Using OE in a Lab Setting
Learn ways to use Outlook Express in a lab setting. (by Steve Friesen).

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