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Outlook Express Menu 1.1

Outlook Express Menu is a contextual menu plug-in that provides an incredible array of features, including the following:

  • In the Finder or Sherlock, it allows you to attach any selected files or folders (!) to a new OE message. If OE is running and its current front window is a draft message window, it also allows you to attach selected files or folders to the current message.
  • With a single text file selected in the Finder or Sherlock, it also gives you options to use the text as the body of a new message or to insert the text in the current message. (This is handy for creating email templates.)
  • In other applications that provide the requisite support for contextual menus and in which you can select text, it allows you to use the selected text as the body of a new mail message or to insert the selected text in the current message.
  • With Internet Explorer 4.5 and later, it allows you control-click on a link in a Web page and insert that link in the current message (if there is one) or in a new message.

Besides all this functionality, OE Menu comes with one of the most remarkable ReadMe files this side of Dave Winer. Be sure to read the entire thing!

Version 1.1 contains one new feature and that is the ability to handle "mailto" URLs in IE web pages. With this new feature you can ctrl-click on a mailto URL in a web page and add the e-mail address(es) in that URL as a recipient to a new or else the current message. You can choose to add the address(es) in that mailto URL either as a "To:", "Cc:" or even a "Bcc:" recipient.

Written by Philip Kearney III


Expression is a completely free application that packs a lot of punch, allowing unprecedented control over your Sound Sets. Expression even lets you open and modify existing Sound Sets and extract their sounds! Hey, it comes with a ReadMe so why waste space telling you about it here? Expression 1.1.1 adds the ability to work with and create MS Entourage 2001 Sound Sets as well as Sound Sets for Outlook Express 5.x as well as support for this site, Sound Set Central (.com).

SoundSet Central (.com)

OE Update Agent

OE Update Agent, by Karl Bundy, updates Outlook Express's address book based on information contained in an update (text) file. Possible updates include adding new contacts, adding contacts to existing groups, adding existing contacts to new groups, and removing contacts. Karl wrote OE Update Agent to automate the process of updating the address books of employees at his growing company. Complete documentation is provided in the included ReadMe file.

Written by Karl Bundy

Emailer 1.0x import package (264 K)

This package consists has two components. It allows you to import E-mail from Claris Emailer versions 1.0x. Step one is to convert the Emailer mail folders to Eudora "sendmail" files using MailConverter 2.2.4 . Then those files can be imported to Outlook Express using the Import Eudora script. Both these components were written by Richard Shapiro . I have assembled them together into one package for convenience. Included are instructions on how to successfully import your messages.

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