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Basic Information

1: What are AppleScripts?

AppleScript is a language created by Apple Computer and is used by the MacOS (Macintosh Operating System) to control the actions of scriptable applications and to transfer information between applications, or between computers, or between networks, or between you and the computer. To find out more about AppleScript visit Apple's New to AppleScript page.

2. How do I install Applescripts?

Depending on which application you are using, to install an AppleScript, all you have to do is drag the script to the scripts folder in the application's root folder. For example, in the Outlook Express folder, there is a folder called "Script Menu Items". Simply place the AppleScript in this folder and re-launch the application.

note: in order for a script to be avaliable to the application, it must be a compiled script and not an application. The easiest way to tell the difference it to look at the script's icon. A compiled script will have just a scroll as an icon.

3. How can I create Applescripts?

First you must have Apple's Script Editor which is available for free and is included with every MacOS. It is located in the "Apple Extras" folder. Then you must learn AppleScript. There are many books available on AppleScript. See the Book section below,


Resources on the Web

The AppleScript Sourcebook - by Bill Cheeseman
New to AppleScript - at Apple Computer's AppleScript web site
ScriptWeb - The premiere independent site for Macintosh scripting
The AppleScript Mailing Lists - Apple's AppleScript mailing lists
Apple Data Detectors - Apple's new data detection tool


The following can be ordered from by clicking the hyper link. The last two are available from Apple Computer as PDF files (see the AppleScript Web site).
  1. AppleScript for Your Desktop and the Internet - (new)
  2. AppleScript for Dummies
  3. Applied Mac Scripting
  4. AppleScript Applications : Building Applications With Facespan and AppleScript
  5. AppleScript Language Guide (Apple Computer)
  6. AppleScript Scripting Additions Guide (Apple Computer)

Script Editors

Scripter - by MainEvent Software
Script Debugger - by Late Night Software

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