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Use informative subject lines -- When posting a new message to a list, try to use a meaningful subject line. For example, "Help: I can't send stuffed files" instead of "Need Help!". Also, when replying to a message from a digest, try to use the subject of the original message as opposed to simply "Re: Digest..."

When you subscribe to a list, you should keep the instructions containing the rules of the list and the unsubscribe information.

Don't send your unsubscribe message to the list. It's not the list that manages this function. Many lists posts the unsubscribe info in the body of the message and others post this info in the long headers. If you absolutely can't find the instructions, then ask the list politely for the correct procedure.

The Lists

Claris Emailer
Emailer-Talk: Subscribe | Unsubscribe | Subscribe Digest | Unsubscribe Digest
Archives of Emailer-Talk:
Emailer-Talk FAQ:
EmailTools-Talk: Subscribe | Digest | Unsubscribe
Qualcomm Eudora
Mailing list forums:
Newsgroup: comp.mail.eudora.mac
Microsoft Entourage:mac
Entourage:mac-Talk: Subscribe | Digest | Unsubscribe
Microsoft Outlook Express
MacOE-Talk: Subscribe | Digest | Unsubscribe
Archives of MacOE-Talk:
Newsgroup: microsoft.public.internet.mail.mac
Bare Bones Mailsmith
Mailsmith-Talk: Subscribe | Digest | Unsubscribe | More Info
Netscape Communicator
Newsgroup: NUGgies newsgroups
Cyrusoft Mulberry
Mulberry-discuss: Subscribe | Unsubscribe
CE Software QuickMail Lan and QuickMail Pro
CTM Development PowerMail
PowerMail-discuss: Subscribe | Unsubscribe | Web Form
StarNine Mail
StarNine Talk: Web Form

Related Sources

Other Mailing Lists
The IETF IMAP Mailing list is for very technical discussion of the IMAP protocol. Send a subscription request to with the word 'subscribe' in thebody of the message.
The PMDF Mailing list is hosted by Innosoft for discussion of its PMDF MTA. Send a subscription request to with the words 'subscribe info-pmdf' in the body of the message.
Usenet News Groups
comp.mail.imap is the group where most IMAP and client-related discussions happen
comp.mail.mime is a similar group for MIME-related issues
comp.sys.mac.comm is frequently a locus for discussion of Macintosh email client and related messaging client issues, and a good place for general help in the Mac Communications sphere.

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