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OE/Entourage Exporter/Importer

If you have a need to migrate between a Mac and a PC, use the scripts below to move email messages and contact lists from Outlook Express 5 or Entourage between your Mac to Outlook Express 5.5 (or Outlook) on Windows.

[Note updated on April 4, 2020]

Download scripts and directions here.


To export email messages and address book information from Outlook Express 5 or Entourage (Office:mac 2001) on your Mac and to import this data to Outlook Express 5.5 on your PC (or to import into OE or Entourage on a Mac, too).


To take existing email from Outlook Express 5.5 on a PC and move it to Outlook Express 5 or to Entourage (Office:mac 2001) on your Mac.

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