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About X-Face

X-Face headers are encoded 48 x 48 bitmaps used by mail and news users to contain a picture. Currenlty you can make your own X-face header by downloading Simon Fraser's Saving Face program or you can use GraphicConverter, an excellent shareware program. However, not all E-mail programs support X-Face headers. In order for this to happen, they must be able to decode the bitmap. An X-Face header is a string of text that looks like this:

X-Face: BdX4#lPOTz."b]^N\#C4KXNkKfe^WL7bVoUsCxEG$g\.A)9nax}_S/^_,{LpJ

When decoded properly you will see a picture. Below are two examples:

here is an example from MT-NewsWatcher

here is an example from BareBones Mailsmith

What applications support X-Face?

  • MacSOUP
  • MT-NewsWatcher
  • Mailsmith

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